Another moment with Sheldon…..sorry….Osborn!

Picture the scene if you possibly can.  It’s 8.00am and everyone is busy bustling around eating breakfast etc…preparing for the day ahead.  Osborn is scoffing down a bowl of cornflakes in his usual ‘shovelling’ kind of way when he mutters something that I think I heard right but can’t quite believe.  I ask him to repeat the question just to be sure.  He clears his mouth and repeats “Did you use the letter ‘Z’ yesterday?”. 


Morph nearly complete I believe!

Baffled, I look at him and ask him to repeat the question a third time just to be absolutely sure I got it right.  He duly does and yes, I did hear right.  I tell him that I really have no idea but was pretty sure I would have used a ‘Z’ at some point during my conversations of the day.  He looks up from his bowl and announces that he’s sure he didn’t use the letter ‘Z’ the day before.

Now I have to confess that questioning whether I used a certain word or letter in my numerous conversations each day is not terribly high on my list of things to do!  It is however, obviously something that Osborn gives a lot of thought to.  Now this raises not only the fact that life with autism is eternally amusing and baffling (and I rest my case on the Sheldon morph!) it also raises the subject of what exactly is going on in their heads all the time? 

I know the autistic brain runs at a million miles an hour trying to process all of the information it receives along with all of the sensory issues that cloud their day.  I also know that Osborn went through a long period of having to count how many steps he took in a day and the only was he could combat the compulsion was to watch his feet all of the time.  If he’s also aware of every letter he uses in conversation and probably numbers as well knowing Osborn, then it’s no wonder he has the memory span of an Amoeba!

Us ‘neurotypicals’ have is pretty easy really.  We don’t have our brains clogged up with a myriad of irrelevant data that constantly sidetracks us and breaks our attention leaving us struggling to stay on task.  How they deal with the constancy of the overload is actually remarkable to say the least.  Imagine channelling that type of brain wiring in a positive way and the resulting possibilities are endless.

I love my children, idiosycracities and baffling moments such as this are all part of a ‘normal’ day in The Mad Shanks Household.  I love every minute of it all!

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