I don’t get out enough!

Stalin’s Englishman

I don’t get out much!  Sad, but true, my social life normally doesn’t extend beyond a weekly coffee with my bestie!  I need to change this, but normally, these days, the lure of an early night is so tempting that I choose that option far too often!  Life is just too busy, good, and very exciting, just far too busy.

My days pass in a whirl of filming, meetings, emails and writing and by the time it gets to 9pm, I’m knackered!  I’m blessed with having an immense amount of energy and drive, it’s just that it’s continually called upon which doesn’t leave much time for anything else.  Would I change my busy life…..no, but would I like more time to socialise and do ‘me’ stuff….yes!

But is socialising overrated?  I would say not.  We all need time away from our day to day lives to catch up with people and share something different, on a different level, with different people, and Monday night was one of those occasions.

Guy Burgess, a fascinating character brought to life in Stalin’s Englishman

I was in London for a book launch, a book written by my Literary Agent, Andrew Lownie, all about the Cambridge Spy ring and Guy Burgess in particular.  I have the book and have started reading it, not my usual type of reading material but I have to say, it’s absolutely gripping, covering so much more than just Burgess’s life and telling a tale of life and secrets in an age without the constant meddling of the media and the intrusion of the internet.

I met some great people and enjoyed far too many glasses of wine in great company.  The party was lovely but 5 of us decided there should be a customary ‘after party’ and made our, slightly wending way around the corner to the nearest pub.  It was brilliant company and we covered all subjects literary, controversial and otherwise.

Four more bottles of wine later and the hardcore three were left, myself included.  At this point, it has to be said, it was the blind leading the proverbial blind as we tottered down the road in high heels to find a taxi for Nicky whilst also trying to focus on the nearest cashpoint.  Having safely planted Nicky into a black cab, Lynne (who was my ghost writer for Unravelled)  decided she would walk the short distance to her hotel and I felt she was in a perfectly fit state to do so!  I’d left my copy of the book at the pub and therefore had to wobble my way back to get it, which I accomplished quite successfully.

Cab duly hailed and I was back at my hotel, flopped gratefully on my bed.  A brilliant evening in fantastic company, too much wine, but ‘hey ho’, I drink very rarely so once in a while it probably does me good.

To my enormous surprise I had no hangover the next morning, definitely more by luck than good judgement the night before!  So, here I am, back in the real world and trying to catch up on the last two days.  See you all soon and get your life balance right!

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