I don’t like to lose!

I’m a Failure 🙁

I’m failing!  I don’t like to fail, it’s one of my quirks.  I’m competitive and always have been and all of the children seem to have inherited the same character trait so life in ‘The Mad Shanks Residence’ can be interesting at times!

The trouble is that being competitive can be very frustrating when you’re not winning!  So, what am I talking about?  I’m talking about my favourite and most long standing hobby….that of killing plants!

My hobby started quite young when I moved to London at age 17, I bought a plant to brighten up my typically lacklustre room in an old house that I rented.  It was a lovely plant and whilst I couldn’t tell you what it was, I can remember that it had beautiful pink flowers and was extremely pretty.  I loved my plant!

There you go all ye nay sayers!  Proof that I can do it!!!

I took care of my plant, I watered it and fed it and at first it flourished.  I was delighted at my new found gardening skills until I noticed one day that it seemed to be becoming a bit like my room….dingy!  The flowers weren’t as vibrant and the leaves were looking….well….a little sad.  Within a few days it was completely dead for no apparent reason.

Having discovered that maybe my ‘green’ fingers were perhaps tinged with a little brown I tried again.  This time I took even greater care but the same thing happened within a couple of months.  Again I was mystified.

It then became a challenge to have a plant and try to keep it alive!  I tried all sorts even resorting to an ‘unkillable’ cactus but that duly died as well, so after many years of attempting to actually grow a plant and accomplish the seemingly impossible task of getting it to flourish, I did what I’m best at.  I turned the whole thing on it’s head and decided it was time to have plants and look after them and take amusement in how quickly I could kill them off in spite of my care!

But I’m failing!  I now have several large indoor plants that have survived against the odds for several years along with miscellaneous Catci, Citrus trees and Aloe Vera plants etc…..  I’m not only bemused but also trying to decide if my goal should now be to try to keep them alive?  

Adding to this quandary is the fact that I have now succeeded in growing a Cucumber! (see above picture as proof!).  A Cucumber is probably the last thing I would have expected to be successful at, but there it is, with many more coming along in it’s wake as proof that I can actually do it.  

Alongside this are my totally neglected Strawberries and Raspberries!  Both are yielding huge crops of beautiful fruit in spite of the fact the Raspberry bushed are totally entangled with nettles the size and temerity of Triffids!

Oh well, maybe age and experience are kicking in?  I might have to just accept my fate and learn to live with the fact I can keep plants alive and just go with the flow?  After all, keeping them alive and flourishing is a much better goal, isn’t it?

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