I let someone down :(

That ‘Damn and Blast’ Moment!

I did it…..I did the one thing I dread the most, I overslept and let someone down 🙁  I experienced that hideous moment when you realise you’ve done it and it’s too late to undo the damage, and I feel terrible in spite of constant reassurances from Vicki that it’s OK.

I’m old school.  To me an arrangement is an arrangement, a commitment is a commitment and an appointment is an appointment.  If I say I’ll do something, I do it, if I can’t be sure I can then I don’t commit.  But I guess that comes from back in the day when there were no mobile phones, no instant messaging and no getting hold of people once you left their side.  If I arranged to meet a friend I would be there, come hell or high water, and….on time!

I’ve had almost identical surgery as Vicki so I know how it feels!

I’ve tried to drum the same philosophy into my children and to the greatest extent they do honour their commitments and arrive when they say they will, but it’s often a different story with the people they’ve arranged to meet.  They often tell me they are going somewhere at a certain time and when I expect them to be gone they’re still around.  On asking, it’s more often than not a case of the other person having changed the plans or cancelling completely.

I think it’s sad, but maybe inevitable, that in our current era of being able to contact anyone, anytime that it was going to happen, but surely the days of being where you said you would be, when you said you would be there were better?  We had a sense of responsibility towards the other person and how it would affect their life if we just didn’t turn up.  We felt bad if we let people down and being late often meant that they had given up and left prior to our arrival.  The general rule was to wait 10 minutes and then give up!

So, what did I do today that I feel so bad about?  Probably the worst faux pas I could possibly have managed!  I’d promised to take my dearest friend, Vicki, to the hospital to have her cast off after having surgery on her hand to repair a ruptured ligament.  I was to pick her up at 9am and drop her off at the hospital as I had an appointment at 10am and couldn’t wait with her.  I woke up to my alarm and that’s the last thing I remember until my phone rang at 9.15 with a call from Vicki.  She ended up having to drive herself which wasn’t good from a medical point of view.

I do feel absolutely awful and I’m finding it hard to forgive myself, even though she has long since forgiven me!  Her excuse for me is that it’s half term so I didn’t have to be up for the school run, but that’s not an excuse, I said I would take her and I let her down.

So, today’s blog is a big fat SORRY to Vicki for letting her down and causing her unnecessary stress.  I love you.

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