I love Happy Endings!

Ted’s Adventures!

Random is normal in our house so when I was driving back home last night at 8.30pm it was  nothing particularly out of the ordinary when I came across a dog careering down the road weaving from side to side.  I nearly hit him actually, the only reason I didn’t is because I always drive down our lane with extreme caution because there is so much wildlife around, that and the fact that a huge number of drivers treat the lane like a race track and I have no desire to become one their victims.

Cute huh?  Not actually Ted but a good likeness!

I stopped the car (and several others in the process) as the dog appeared to be very disorientated and anxious.  Another lady stopped to help as I tried to get close enough to him to see if he had a tag on his collar.  Sadly no, so the only option was to get him into my car and take him home to safety whilst I tried to find his owner.  Luckily another car had stopped and a man very kindly gave me the strap to his laptop bag to serve as a lead, I now need to return it!

I rang the police who gave me a number for the on duty dog warden but no response and the police have no facilities for looking after dogs overnight.  I was a little worried about bringing him into our house in case my own dogs frightened him to even greater extent than he already was.  Having drawn a blank in every other direction though I had no choice.

With our own 2 dogs safely locked away happily we set about trying to get him out of the car.  Half an hour later and Pippa and I had finally managed to cajole (OK…..pull a bit) him out and got him into the house.  Once fed and watered he finally settled on the kitchen floor appearing to be absolutely exhausted.  Pippa had other ideas though as she wanted him in her room for the night and once she’d created a luxury bed for him he was finally settled and as happy as was possible and we all trotted off to bed.

What to do with said dog in the morning?  I had no idea apart from ringing our local Dogs Trust and putting him into their loving care.  Fate had other ideas though and at 10.30pm my phone rang. “Hello” said a nice lady, “It’s the police here.  I have a lady with me looking for the dog you have”.  Fantastic I thought….a happy ending!  “Send her over now if she wants to be reunited tonight”, I assured the Policewoman that I was perfectly happy in spite of the hour.
We brought ‘dog’ downstairs again and waited for his mum to arrive.  Twenty minutes later they were happily reunited and she told us that ‘Ted’ is totally blind.  This explained everything!  Why he kept bumping into things, why he was so timid when I tried to get him into the car and why he was wobbly on his feet.  He was a fabulous dog though and Pippa and Osborn had already decided he was going to be ours if his owner couldn’t be found!  No discussion with me as apparently I had no say in the matter!

It is lovely to report a happy ending though and as I watched Ted and his mum walk down the drive I did have a smile on my face.

Aaaaaah……I do like happy endings!!

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