I need help! Expert Goldfish keeper needed!!

How can it be so hard?

So what is it about goldfish dying theses days?  When I was a kid I won a fish at the fair, kept it in a glass casserole dish commandeered from the kitchen and later replaced with one from the jumble sale.  He lived for years and the only care I ever gave him was to feed him once a day and tip the water out once a week, replace it with water from the tap and plop him back in again!  He was a very happy, healthy fish!
Then when I moved to London aged 17 I had three Oranda’s called Tom, Dick and Harry.  They lived to the ripe old age of 7/8 with the same (apparent) lack of care as before.  No gradual temperature change, no special water treatments and cheap fish food.  They too were happy, healthy fish who enjoyed long lives in spite of being re-located around London a dozen times!

I don’t want to see this again!!


What’s gone wrong?

Right, in July Kacie won a goldfish at the fair.  I didn’t have high hopes for longevity for him and duly bought the tank kit complete with filter etc…in order to give him the best chance of survival.  ‘Albert’ lasted about a week so I trotted off to Pets at Home and bought ‘Albert Mark II’.  A good pedigree I believed from such a caring shop, how could I go wrong?  Albert Mark II lasted about the same amount of time.  Now it was becoming a challenge!  I was determined to keep a fish alive for more than a week so enter Morecambe and Wise to go with Ant and Dec the Giant African Land Snails.  They lasted one week and ten days respectively!

Game on!

Now I was seriously pissed off so I went to Melbicks thinking maybe they had better quality fish that could survive more than a few days.  Enter Chanel and Gucci (named by Kacie I hasten to add).  We did everything right according to the book but once again they expired, Chanel in the evening and Gucci the next morning ten days after arrival to the day!

I now own every fish tank chemical on the shelf and have set the tank up with the most exact science possible.  I know all about the fact that water these days is full of chemicals that weren’t there years ago. This morning I bought ‘Mono’ and ‘Chrome’, so called because one is a Black Moor and the other a White Oranda.  I’m determined to keep fish in a tank again.  I like watching them and if they can survive and thrive in a filthy pond in the garden for years I’m bloody sure I can keep one alive in the house.

Wish me luck everyone because I’m sick to death of burying dead fish!!

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