I want everyone to join in!

A huge ‘thank you’ to all of my readers!

So last night my blog hits went over the 25,000 mark!  Firstly, thank you to everyone who reads my daily meanderings and also seem to enjoy them!  Having had expert tuition from Todd (saviour of all mankind in all things internet related!), I can now also understand my Google statistics, which tell me that you all not only visit my blog page, but you actually stay long enough to read it!

This photo seems to have become my blog ‘Logo’!

From my perspective it’s very heartening to know that what I write is even remotely interesting enough for people to want to give up their precious time to digest.  

Whenever one writes and whatever one writes, as with all creative endeavours, you bare a little of your soul with every word you put into print.  It’s there, in the ether, for people to read and enjoy/agree with or alternatively gnash teeth and rant about what a load of twoddle it is!  I’m only too well aware of this so why do I do it?

Good question.  I will admit quite openly that it all started with my Literary Agent asking me to do so as a way of raising my profile in advance of my books coming into print, a marketing strategy if you like.  This quickly shifted focus though when I realised within a few days of starting that people actually enjoyed reading it!  People would randomly approach me saying how much they loved reading it and suggesting subject matter they would like me to cover.

As time has gone on and spurred on by the enthusiasm of my readership I actually arrived at the point some months ago where I came to the realisation that I really enjoy doing it!  This is remarkable because English wasn’t my favourite subject at school so to voluntarily sit and write every day is something of progression in that sense.

How do I decide what to write about?  Hmmmm…..sometimes that’s an easy one when stuff going on around me amuses me to the point of wanting the share a little humour (hopefully) with anyone who wishes to read it.  Other days are inspired by world events such as the death of Nelson Mandela and some days I admit, I just feel like ranting…..sorry!

Not that it seems to matter what I write, you lot seem to read it anyway!  I would just like to say to everyone who reads my blog, thank you so much.  I feel very humbled and flattered that you all seem to feel I have something to say that is worth reading, it means the world to me.  All the while you all keep reading, I will keep writing.  Oh…and by the way…feel free to suggest subjects that you’d like me to give a random, skewed take on….I love a challenge!

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