I want your stories…the most bizarre First Aid ever conducted?

Emergency First Aid……and Tampons?

I guess everyone has got the picture by now that The Mad Shanks Residence is not the most orderly of places and I would be the first to admit that it isn’t!  Whilst I do my best to maintain a fully stocked First Aid kit, with so many people in the house using stuff without my knowledge, it does, inevitably, end up lacking in the one sodding item you happen to need at the time!

One of the kids have diarrhoea, I have a full packet of Laxatives but no bung you up stuff, they have a tiny cut which requires a little plaster, I have huge bandages, or the silly tickly cough that just needs Honey and Lemon?….I have nuclear strength cough blaster!  And so it has gone on for many years.

Over time I have used Gaffer tape and loo roll on cuts and ripped up towels as bandages but whilst I’m aware that it’s quite a well know strategy, I have never actually shoved a tampon up one of their noses when they’ve had a nose bleed!  Not that I have anything against the concept, I discovered last night that it’s actually very effective, I have always just felt that due to my children’s ‘little quirks’, they probably wouldn’t have taken too kindly to it.

Janeks and Tampon!

Well, last night this all changed!  Janeks, Nikita’s boyfriend as I’m sure you all know by now, had a nose bleed.  He apparently gets them a lot and when he does….it pours!  I had been sitting quietly on my computer working and was blissfully unaware of the goings on in the downstairs loo until I looked up and saw Janeks sitting on the settee with…..yep…..a tampon shoved up his nose.

I must confess I was a little confused at first, having had my nose stuck in something vitally important with all brain cells honed in on what I was concentrating on, it took a few seconds to take in what I was seeing.  On closer inspection and to the great amusement of the assembled group of teenagers, I approached with caution to see if my eyes were deceiving me.  Nope, they weren’t, he really did have a tampon stuck up his right nostril, string dangling rather absurdly down over his chin!

The kids were all huddled around him fascinated by the sight of the blood slowly moving down the length of the tampon and Mirie did comment that it showed just how absorbent they are!  Once we felt the bleeding had probably stopped there was much competition over who would have the privilege of pulling it out!  It was decided that Janeks should do it himself so as to prevent the bleeding starting again, much to the disgust of every one else.

Please do tell me your stories?

This did prompt me to question what the most absurd form of First Aid is that has ever been used though?  I’m sure ours are tame compared to lot but I would love to hear about them and I’ll put the best ones in a blog when I’ve collated them all.  Please do use the link below to get in touch and tell me your funny, silly or just downright bizarre stories about items called in to use when emergency first aid has been required!


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