Ikea Saga Continues!

Well I did say it didn’t end with the car cramming fiasco!  Having brought everything home it was the next stage of putting the wretched stuff together.  The instructions must be done by a man as they seem to be relatively well understood by the male of the species but they really should create a set for women, written by a woman!  It’s not just Ikea, every set of instructions for everything I ever buy seem to make no sense and the diagrams look nothing like the real thing!  Fortunately I have an ‘Osborn’ who is the only male in the house so is often able to decipher them but not always!

I don’t believe the staff get THIS much training!


So…..as it’s all flat packed it all needs to be laid out so you can see what’s what.  So far so good except that Pippa has now enlisted help from every corner and her wardrobe is currently on the landing right at the top of the stairs.  I can just about squeeze past it but bearing in mind I’m still on crutches it’s only a matter of time before I inevitable lose balance and fall back down the stairs whilst trying to manouver around it one way or the other!  Apparently Osborn has taken ownership of it but doesn’t want to put it in his room until he’s rearranged it.  He’s currently in Oxford filming with Jamie acting as sound engineer all day so it’s going to be a while before he gets round to it I’m guessing. 

How to not get involved!

I currently have the best excuse to get out of putting Ikea furniture together….a broken foot doesn’t get much better!  Having said that I’m an expert at delegating the construction to all of the kids under the guise of them needing to learn about it for later life!  I’ve done my fair share of putting Ikea stuff together and don’t need the practice. 

So Kacie’s latest hot boyfriend, Harry, has been commandeered by Pippa into putting the bed together along with the chest of drawers.  He reckons he’s an expert so we’ll see!?  Said drawers are currently scattered all over the floor in Pippa’s room and the bed is still in it’s boxes in the lobby.  I have warned Pippa that it cannot stay there long and today is her deadline.  She’s going to have to prise Harry and Kacie apart long enough for him to work his Ikea ‘magic’! 

I do wonder though if this is the only household where a trip to Ikea results in random, miscellaneous pieces of furniture appearing in the strangest places.  Mind you, on sorting the washing yesterday I found a Rugby ball AND a Weetabix?  I’ve actually given up asking the question ‘Why?’ when I find strange things in even stranger places.  I never seem to find out who never mind why! 

I guess life at the Shanks household is pretty much summed up by the expression on our film directors face at dinner yesterday.  I’m convinced she was working out which escape route would be the easiest if it came to the crunch as she moved her chair further away from the table…..or maybe it was just the ever increasing decibel level at the table?  It’s not too late for her back out!


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