Ikea and……Nutcrackers?!

Ikea Update!

Don’t get me wrong, I think Ikea is brilliant.  They sell OK furniture at reasonable prices that generally ‘do what they say on the tin’.  Yes, their stuff falls apart very often but if you’ve only paid £16 for a chest of drawers, what do you really expect?  Having said that, I have Ikea furniture that I’ve had for many years that is still going very strong and probably will for years to come so it isn’t all bad.

Having got that nicety out of the way so they don’t sue me, on to the construction process.  I know, I know, I’ve been here before but I’ve just had another battle with one of their items so I’m on it again!

I can hear huge sighs from every male of the species globally!

The Tool Kit!

First of all the tool kit!  Having scoured the house for hammer, pliers (to remove the inevitable wrong bit in wrong place), screwdriver etc….I eventually had to resort to the original ‘Women’s Patented Multi Tool’, the nutcrackers!  Every woman knows you don’t need an entire set of tools to do handy work, nutcrackers will do the lot!

I’ve already told you the story of the bargain that wasn’t, a panel broken in 2 places that I had to return 🙁  The one I replaced it with was due to be built yesterday afternoon and I was determined that it WOULD be done!  Enter Osborn helping me to get the blasted thing out of the car and into the kitchen where I emptied the box onto the floor making the kitchen inaccessible for the duration.  As it was only a simple wardrobe frame with no door I had (wrongly) assumed that it would be very simple…..of course not….it’s Ikea we’re talking about!   I’d already (thankfully!) had the foresight to realise that I couldn’t easily build it in my bedroom as there wasn’t enough space and once I realised just how complex it actually was I very grateful.

I wrangled with getting various peculiar parts into peculiar places so that I didn’t have that job to do in a limited space, ready to transport all said bits up to my room.  Having shoved bits into places they weren’t intended to go into (thank goodness for the nutcrackers….great pliers!), removed them and put them where they belonged I was finally able to get all the pieces upstairs.

Instructions in one hand and nutcrackers in the other I approached the task of actual construction with huge trepidation.  Having checked multiple times I was confident that it was the right way round with the right bits facing where they should be I started, very tenuously, to put bolts and screws into what it appeared, from Ikea’s wonderful instructions, to be the right places.  Wrong!  Why do they always have several bits that look exactly the same on paper but totally different in real life?  I knew to my peril that putting the wrong bit in at this stage can be catastrophic.

And so…..several hours later after much banging with the nutcrackers…..it was finally up, in the right position and with drawers in place!  Well….I thought it was in the right place until Pippa quizzed me on whether I was going to rearrange my room?  ‘No’ I answered but on entering the room again I realised that she had a very valid point and that I really should change some things around!  Therefore, I built it in the wrong place!  I know that moving it is going to be a life changing experience and will weaken the joints but….hey ho!  

By that time I was truly exhausted and decided the only right and proper thing to do was get to bed and continue the next day when suitably refreshed.  Please think of me this evening as I attempt the impossible task of moving not one, but three pieces of Ikea furniture to their future resting places, Osborn to the rescue again I think!

And just an aside?  I wonder which forward thinking, clever nutcracker manufacturer will be the first to put a screwdriver bit on the end of it’s gadget?  Multi tool definitely complete if they do!

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