I’m a Mum….get me out of here !!!!!!

I would like everyone everywhere to spare a thought for me please and maybe even a little prayer ?

I love my kids but conversations like the one I overheard last night are so commonplace in our house that I could write an entire book about them ( actually…that’s not a bad idea !! ).  Anyway, said conversation ensued something along these lines…….

Jamie : I’ve noticed that I get more spots in the winter than in the summer.

Kacie :  Really ?

Jamie : Yes….I reckon it’s lack of vitamin D

Kacie :  You need to drink more Orange Juice then !

Mirie :  Kacie, you mean Sunny D !

Jamie :  WTF…I said vitamin D !  You’re talking about vitamin C !!….and where the heck does Sunny D fit into all this, it’s pure crap !!!

Kacie and Mirie :  Oh…….really ????

Now, my grouse with this is that I’ve brought all of the children up as vegetarians and a very fit, healthy lot they are too !  I’ve also drummed into them from a very early age what foods contain what vitamins, what the various food types are, the best sources of each etc….  They all eat very healthy diets and it shows but in view of how much work and effort I’ve put into this one I really do despair when one of them asks me if eggs are classed as carbohydrate etc….

Deciding to bring them all up as veggies was a joint decision Paul and I made but because of that I made sure I knew exactly what I was doing nutritionally so that they didn’t miss out on any vital nutrients.  I was also determined that I would educate them on healthy eating, exercise etc…so that they would continue to pursue a healthy lifestyle when they left home.

I’ve worked hard on this one and them not knowing the difference between vitamins C and D irks me somewhat !

That, along with their total lack of simple knowledge in the geography department makes me wonder what on earth they actually learnt at school. 

Geography……now that’s another subject I could write an entire book on but I’ll save some of those little gems for another day !!

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