I’m back on ‘elf and safety…spotted yesterday!

More ‘elf and safety madness!

Yesterday saw Nikita, Alicia (her friend from college) and me in my car in hysterical fits of laughter whilst at the same time incredulous at the sight of something we spotted on the way back from college.  Either we have become a society that assumes everyone is well below average intelligence or ‘elf and safety really has reached such a bizarre level of ludicrousness that there is now no hope!

So what caused all of this?  Well……we were following a lorry taking a slightly odd route to Rugby due to a traffic jam that was going to delay us by half an hour.  I took the executive decision that an alternative route was a better option in spite of having to drive well out of our way.  Anyway, said lorry, was  well in front of us but when we stopped at some traffic lights I was close enough to see a sign on the back (amongst a whole host of other signs I hasten to add!).  This one said ‘This vehicle may turn left’!  No shit Sherlock!  Most vehicles turn left….and right!  Now I know cyclists need to be careful next to lorries but are they all really so thick that they need to be told that a vehicle ‘may turn left’?

I’m so glad this company took the trouble to let me know that the driver had the capability to turn left!


How far can it go?

I’m really not quite sure where all of this is going to end?  I have this vision of everyone walking around in bubble wrap suits wearing crash helmets so that they are protected when they walk down the street.  Pedestrian crossings that have chair lifts to take you safely to the other side of the road.  Maybe every child will end up in padded cells at school just in case they were to bump into each other in class?
Don’t misunderstand me, I’m all for people being safe but at what point do we decide that common sense needs to play a part in people’s safety and maybe even, god forbid, a little bit of self responsibility?  If you choose to ride a bicycle, and good on you if you do, you need to apply a fair amount of common sense to make sure you avoid having an accident.  Cyclists are indeed, very vulnerable and they and drivers alike need to be cautious and be very aware of the dangers, but this…?
OK….I admit I’m back on my soapbox.  But receiving a letter from my daughters school asking if it was OK to administer first aid and, if necessary, call an ambulance was, in my eyes, a step too far.  What was I supposed to say?  Nah….leave her….I’ve got spares!!  Of course I want my child to receive the best medical intervention available if she needs it, what kind of mother would I be otherwise.  Surely if I had answered in the negative I deserved a visit from Social Services?
So….rant over, but to everyone I know…yes…..I want my child to receive Paracetamol if they have a headache, yes….I want a plaster stuck on their finger if they cut it and if you don’t call an ambulance and administer first aid if required I will take hasty and suitable revenge! 
Does anyone agree with me that it’s all gone too far?

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