I’m Excited!!!!!!

Yesterday found me in the garden!  It was warm enough so I was out making the most of it.  Garden desperately needs the grass cutting but my focus at the moment is on getting my pond ripped out and completely re-vamping it. 

Never one to deliberately make my life easier I’ve now decided that a waterfall is an absolute must which has added a huge amount of work to what was already a big job.

So, yesterday saw me filling 16 bags with (some) of the soil around the pond which used to house the rockery. I reckon about 12 more bags and it’ll be done.  How many  squats I performed in the process is anyone’s guess but my legs, bum and back tell me it must have been thousands!  In other words….a brilliant workout!

Now I know I keep going on about this but, my Bagmate made a difficult and arduous job so very much easier.  With Bagmate in bag it creates not only an open bag to fill but also a stable bag that doesn’t keep falling over!  What a joy, a two man job made extremely easy as a one man job, I was overjoyed!  Doesn’t take much to make me happy but I have to say it really is worth it’s weight in gold.

After the digging I went around all of the pots and dug out the weeds merrily popping them into the Bagmate, again a lovely open, stable bag to fill!  Just take the Bagmate out when full and you’re left with a bag full of rubbish to do with as you wish.  Love it!!  It’s a small thing but years of battling with floppy rubbish bags has made me really appreciate this simple little device.

Next it’ll be on to re-landscaping the waterfall etc…  Now this is where it all gets really clever!  I now have lots of bags full of soil.  As I re-sculpt the area around the pond all I have to do is take the bags of soil and put them back where I want them!!  How ingenious is that?  No mess on the grass, no pile of mud on the patio just a neat row of blue bags!

I’m now left considering just how sad my life has become when something like this makes me so happy.  But then maybe it is the little things that matter and when time is the most valuable commodity we all own, something that genuinely saves time is actually something to get excited about!!

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