I’m Morphing into Sheldon as well!

Am I morphing into Sheldon as well!

The kids were watching a film last night, can’t remember the title but it was about the human race having having deserted Earth, moving to another planet and then one of their spaceships ending up back on Earth again via a worm hole?  Or something like that, I was otherwise occupied and not watching.

I did however, reappear towards the end of the film in time to see the ‘hero’, a young boy, flying down the edge of a cliff with a giant Eagle in hot pursuit.  He apparently ended up in the eagles nest and was then attacked by, what looked like, giant hybrid Hyena’s.  Much to Mirie’s disgust I just couldn’t help myself….”They wouldn’t have evolved that much in a 1000 years!”  I announced.  Mirie came straight back at me with my own often quoted words saying “Mum….it’s Hollywood!”.

Kid and said Eagle!

Good point, you can do whatever you like in fantasy land!  I pondered for a second and mused “That was a very Sheldon like comment!”.  To my great amusement Osborn immediately interjected with “I was thinking exactly the same thing though, they wouldn’t evolve that quickly, it takes 100’s of thousands of years!!”.

I looked at him, looked at the other children who had by now paused the film as I had interrupted and considered the situation.  I’d done a funny little on line test a couple of days before to see if I was right or left brained, much to my astonishment it told me I was left brained and therefore more logical than creative!  I’d always thought of myself as being the other way around so this came as something of a surprise.  Osborn had done the same test and whilst very slightly more inclined to the left, it turned out that he uses his brain pretty much equally?  This puzzled me even more as you could never wish to meet a more logically minded person than him!

So maybe I’m a bit of a Sheldon myself?  Maybe my morphing process is taking a little longer than Osborn’s but, who knows, give it a few more years and I might be just like him?  

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