I’m on This Morning!

This Morning!

So, yesterday I spent the morning with the lovely people at ITV’s This Morning!  And what a great crew they are!  Everyone was so charming and friendly that everyone appearing on the show felt completely at ease, including me.

The build up to my appearance had been just as lovely with everyone in the support team being so helpful and reassuring, they deserve some recognition so here it is!  THANK YOU EVERYONE!!

My car picked me up from my hotel at 8.15 (they also spoilt me rotten!) and took me to the studio for hair and make-up prior to the pre-filming, and then, I was waited on hand and foot by the lovely Fleur who kept me topped up with coffee’s, toast and croissants prior to my actual interview with Holly and Philip.

‘Unravelled’, my first book, is available now!

As 11.30 drew nearer I knew it was nearly time and my clarity of thought grew with the realisation that being on live TV meant  that whatever came out of my mouth was there forever.  I braced myself!

Eventually we went through to the studio where I was greeted very warmly by Holly and Philip and felt immediately at ease.  What wonderfully lovely people they both are, exactly the same off screen as on, it’s no wonder they conduct such brilliant interviews.

The interview went by in what felt like a flash and suddenly it was all over!  I wanted to do it all again but before I left they showed a clip of my amazing children saying ‘I Love You’ and read out a few lovely, positive Tweets that had come in.  I was made to feel very special!

The response to the interview has also been incredibly positive with one person on the spectrum contacting me to say that I had described being autistic perfectly and thanking me.

I loved the whole experience and would like to take this opportunity thank the show for allowing me to appear.  

Anyone who would like to see the show, link here:


If you would like to buy the book, either Kindle download or paperback, link here:  


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