In Homage to Driving Instructors…especially DAVE !!!

All of us mere mortals let’s hold hands, close our eyes and spare a moment for that amazingly brave and intrepid bunch of people that we humans call ‘driving instructors’ !

Why ?  I heard all of you say that in unison !  Here’s why, I have left all of my children’s driving instruction to the most amazing instructor ever, Dave at Halo in Leamington Spa.  Why amazing ?  Because he has taught 3 of the girls to drive and is chameleon like in his ability to change his teaching in line with your child’s learning pattern.  Genius !!  As with everything in life….one size does not fit all and his ability to adapt makes him the perfect instructor.

I’ve been extremely happy to leave all this in Dave’s capable hands because whilst I have a very strong constitution I do also have my limits and teaching my own offspring how to drive has always, I believe, been one step too far on the ladder of achievable goals !

This is mainly because I’m their mum so therefore in their eyes ‘what do I know’ and also because I have no desire to go grey any faster than I already am !

It was, therefore, with a huge amount of trepidation that I agreed when Nikita who’s 15 asked me if would take her driving in the field.  My knee jerk reaction was a very resounding ‘NO’ but with a brilliant mixture of begging and emotional manipulation she managed to get me to agree !

So….off we toddled, car keys in hand for her first ‘driving lesson’.  I manoeuvred the car into a suitable position and she slipped into the drivers seat nearly wetting herself with excitement.  I, on the other hand, needed a nappy for very different reasons ! 

She already knows where the gears are from me letting her change gear in my car over numerous years so that wasn’t an issue but getting the right balance of clutch and accelerator was a totally different story !  We lurched, we stalled, she started the engine whilst still in gear, she forgot to apply the brake narrowly missing a tree, she tried to drive with the handbrake on ( which I was clinging onto for dear life ‘just in case’ ) and within five minutes I had the mother of all headaches !

This scenario went on for some twenty minutes with my voice becoming higher in pitch with every lurch the car made !  By the end of it I was feeling decidedly ‘ruffled’ in spite of the fact she was starting to get the hang of it.  I would love to be able to say ‘never again’ but unfortunately she’s already pinned me down to doing it again as soon as possible.  God help me !!!

So…this is why I believe all parents should say a big ‘thank you’ and be eternally grateful that there are people like ‘Dave’ out there who have nerves of steel and put their lives in the hands of our children every time they take our little darlings out on the road !  I wonder if the life expectancy of a driving instructor is comparably low in view of the sheer level of stress they endure every hour of every day ?

They earn every penny they get just in ‘danger money’ and all deserve a medal at the very least !!! 

Driving Instructors everywhere……I applaud you !!!! xxx

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