Influencing young minds

Last night saw me speaking at the Coventry and Warwickshire County Presentations and Awards Ceremony for Young Enterprise, a huge responsibility that I didn’t take lightly!


Young minds can be influenced so easily for good or bad so saying the right things was imperative, for the first time in my speaking career I was actually nervous!  And what a fantastic group of people they were, all so enthusiastic and motivated and what a journey they had all been on.  In their excellent presentations they told the story of how they conceived their business ideas and took their companies all the way through to making a profit.  What was particularly inspiring was that so many of the companies had taken the opportunity to create products that were environmentally friendly with a lot of them up-cycling and turning potential landfill into useful and beautiful items.

Judging from my experiences last night, the future is bright!  Our younger generations have taken on board the mistakes of generations past and are determined to make our world a better place, and, winner or not, every single one of them has already stepped out of the crowd to say ‘I’m different’, I’ll have a go and have then gone on to work extremely hard to make something happen.  They’re all winners in my eyes.

So I hope some of the things I said last night will help them through their life’s journey, maybe something I said will inspire some of them to go and make a real difference, and personally, I believe our planet is in safe hands with the upcoming generations, they know so much more than we ever did, but, more importantly, they really do care.

Thank you to all ‘Young Enterprisers’ everywhere, you inspired me last night and for that I am eternally grateful.

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