It’s all about the Weather (well what else. the sun’s come out!)

So, the sun has come out, too late for the bank holiday of those who celebrate such things but what a wonderful sight to behold.  Is it just me or has the winter been relentlessly grey?  I remember there being only a handful of those glorious ‘freezing but sunny’ days that would normally lure us out of winter hibernation and into our warm but excruciatingly unflattering ‘cold weather walking gear’.

I’m a summer lover, not a sun worshipper, just a summer lover.  I love the freedom the summer brings, being able to sit and work outside, the long summer evenings, wearing fewer clothes with lighter fabrics,  the summer feels, well, just lighter in all ways.


Now, most people would like to be around the soothing greenery of the countryside in this weather but I’m happy to report that I’m off to London for two days on business!  I love London in the summer, I still regard London as being my real home anyway and my favourite time when I lived in the Capital was always the summer, it hasn’t changed.

There’s something about the bustle of the city when it’s hot that makes me excited to be there, maybe it’s the way the sun reflects off the buildings and cars, what I do know is that my visits there are far too rare these days.

So I wish you all ‘Happy Sunshine’ wherever you are and make the most of it, we don’t know how many we’ll get!


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