It’s my birthday!

My Birthday!

So, it’s another birthday!  I actually keep forgetting it’s my birthday until Vicki keeps reminding me.  I’m very lucky to be spending it in Tenerife this year with her enjoying lots of Sun, Sea, Sand, Sangria and lots of quality time with my ‘bestest fwend’ what more could I possibly wish for?

So far we’ve listened to a singer/guitarist playing at the bar downstairs accompanied by lots of Sangria and Cava, listened to another singer/guitarist at the bar downstairs accompanied by lots of Sangria and Cava, drunk numerous cups of coffee in the blazing sun and spent a few hours a day lying by the pool.  It’s bloody tough but, hey, someone has to do it and we’re both more than up to the job!

I have been cooked for, cleaned for, had my washing done, been led to numerous bars and coffee shops and pampered in the extreme.  This is fantastic except I like to help and my ‘help’ isn’t always quite that!  I spilt my tea this morning chasing some ants that had appeared from nowhere, missed the bin trying to ‘help’ cook a couple of nights ago, buggered up the TV and managed to get in the way…..a lot!

I’ve now been assigned the job of ‘designated guest’ along with orders to do NOTHING except talk!  Vicki is very organised (unlike me!) and has been here 6 weeks already and is in her own perfect routine, every time I try to ‘help’ I screw up her perfectly ordered life and create chaos so I can understand where she’s coming from.

Plus which, I’m clumsy!  If there’s a step to trip up I’ll find, if there’s a drink to be knocked off a table….I’m there, and any other mishaps just waiting to happen will almost definitely happen to me!  Maybe that’s why going to my first Polercise class today wasn’t the most advisable thing to do.  The teacher showed me the most elegant and sexy moves that were positively swan like, I had a go and looked like a sack of potatoes sliding down the pole!  Being a stone overweight definitely didn’t help but in spite of that I did manage to master a few basic moves.

However, watching all of the other girls whisking up and down the poles with ridiculous ease soon made me realise that to get anywhere near their standard would take a lot effort, pain and friction burns!  What a great way to spend my birthday though, doing something new and feeling the burn.  I’m now ‘feeling the burn’ down by the pool so I will wish you goodbye from sunny Tenerife and see you all on Thursday when I return. xx

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