It’s the fantastic Elliot Seenan again!

Elliot Seenan……it’s you again!

Those of you who read my blogs regularly will remember the one a couple of weeks ago about Elliot saving Nikita from….well….heaven knows what?  He was the only person in an hour that stopped to help Nikita when she was stranded in Coventry and being propositioned by old men.  He walked past her and then went back to see if she was ok and we can never thank him enough.

Well….last night he came over to meet us all for the first time and whilst we knew he was a lovely young guy we had no idea just HOW lovely!  I did, however, feel so much for him.  He met Nikita and Janeks at Coventry station and then Kacie picked them up and brought them home.  Imagine how he must have felt though?  Our house is in the middle of nowhere and at 6.00pm it’s pitch dark!  He must have pulled up the drive and wondered what on earth he’d let himself in for, he doesn’t know any of us apart from the contact we’ve had on Facebook and helping Nikita.  I actually admire his courage!

Elliot at The Houses of Parliament receiving his Award!

Anyway, we sat with a cup of tea whilst the assembled throng surrounded him and bombarded him with questions.  He did look a little uncomfortable but I’m afraid in our house everyone gets the ‘third degree’.  Within half an hour of him arriving Lorie had managed to persuade him to help her with the skirting boards for her bedroom!  I don’t know how she does it but there was no way he could say no!

I talked to him about the night he helped Nikita and he said he just couldn’t have lived with himself if he hadn’t gone back to see if she was ok as she looked so frightened and vulnerable.  After dinner we performed the ceremony of ‘Knighting him as an Honorary Member of the Extended Shanks Family’.  This involved him kneeling on the floor and me dubbing him with my sword (a broom handle!) and Knighting him as Sir Elliot wot saved Nikita!  Being Knighted into the Extended Shanks Family means having the freedom of the house and being able to visit any time he wants to.

He told us a little about himself and his life and whilst it’s not my place to tell his story, suffice it to say that his life hasn’t been easy but he’s turned it all around and even been commended for doing so and visiting the Houses of Parliament to receive his award.  He deserves it and maybe one day he will tell his story or allow me to….who knows?

Jamie took him home and he received a typical Shanks send off with everyone hugging, kissing and high fiving him all the way to the door and ordering him to visit again soon which he’s promised he will in spite of Pippa roping him into doing the washing up!

Life works in mysterious ways and we all agreed after he left that we were meant to get to know him.  Who knows where our new found friendship will lead us all but I personally am really glad he’s entered our lives and hope our friendship lasts a very long time.

Elliot…Welcome to the Extended Shanks Family!

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