It’s, ummmmmm……all about me!!

Me, me, me……..!

I find myself in a peculiar position.  I’ve spent my entire life quizzing people about THEIR lives, wanting to know their story, their hopes and dreams, their problems, where they came from etc….in an attempt to get to know who THEY are.  I now find myself with the tables turned full circle and the spotlight is on me!

Firstly, however,  I need to offer an apology to everyone I’ve ever turned my interrogation towards!  I now know how you feel.  Having spent a lifetime trying to keep the conversation away from focusing on me, I now find myself being quizzed on every little detail.  It feels uncomfortable! 

It’s, errrrrr…..all about me!!

And don’t get me wrong, I don’t not talk about myself because I’m shy, I’d just rather hear about you!  Besides, my life is boring compared to yours, in my opinion anyway.  Apparently not though!  Having had 2 weeks of being questioned about my life from TV interviewers, radio hosts and journalists I find myself to be all ‘me’d’ out.  

I have, of course, brought it all on myself.  Having been asked to write a book about my life I was never going to get away with it for much longer, so I’ve had to accept the inevitability of having to get used to it being about me for a while.  I just wish the whole process felt a little more comfortable.

I find it quite fascinating as I go through life though, some people are reticent to talk about themselves and others can talk about nothing but themselves!  A meet up in the middle is probably the most comfortable way forward in most conversations although I’m only too well aware that this is almost impossible for some people.

Anyone on the Autistic spectrum is going the find conversation tricky, they are masters at their own specialist subject but throw in a random comment about the weather and watch the bemused look on their face.  They also love to switch subject without warning which can make it hard to keep up if your own brain doesn’t work at the same lightening speed theirs does!  You can almost see the words ‘Keep up at the back there!’ scrolling across their minds.

Apart from my children, some of my closest friends are on the spectrum and keeping up with them is far better brain training than anything you’ll ever find on the internet.  So, the next time you find yourself struggling to ‘stay in the game’ conversationally, just remember, they may autistic or they may just want to stay on their own specialist subject!

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