Janeks….we love you! or Being Latvian!!!


Nikita has a boyfriend!  His name is Janeks…….and he’s Latvian…….need I say more? Between his often hilarious English grammar howlers and his even more often hysterically funny pronunciation he really doesn’t stand a chance……..poor Janeks!

What doesn’t help his plight around here is that he is ridiculously good looking and a really, really nice guy, consequently easy pickings for everyone!  Anyone who knows ‘The Mad Shanks Residence’  knows only too well that he’s an obvious target for our humour. Fortunately, he’s lovely and knows we’re only kidding.

The gorgeous couple!!….awwwww….bless xxx


He called me ‘Wikie’ for the first few weeks until the girls managed to get him to pronounce a ‘V’ and now, mostly, I do get called Vikie.  However, he’s just started working at The Almanack in town and yesterday he proudly announced to me that he was learning the ‘Vine’ list!  I hastened to point out that it was the ‘Wine’ list, thinking his pronunciation had lapsed only for him to tell me that he thought ‘Vine’ was correct!  Bless him!

On the way home after his shift we were talking about something I can’t mention here for the sake of good manners that involved the word ‘pump’…..and no….you can’t guess the subject from that, it was far too random.  Anyway, he said ‘poomp’.  We quickly tried to correct him and over the next few minutes we had every conceivable variation on the pronunciation feasible apart from the correct one!  We persevered as we never give up and he eventually managed to get it right…..once!  Thereafter we were back to all kinds of obscure sounds and it took many more attempts to get another good one!

Can I keep him?

What makes all of this even funnier is that he’s an actor, and a bloody good one at that!  His accent doesn’t hold him back on stage and he’s appearing in TheTempest at the Belgrade in Coventry soon.  Good on him!  

In all seriousness though, he is such a lovely guy and in view of the fact that English is his third language and he’s only lived here 6 years he is remarkably fluent.  He also has a beautiful heart and was one of the main players in ‘The Shanks Residence Makeover’, for that I can never thank him enough.  He makes Nikita happy and as they’re at the same college she has him as security while she is there which is so good for her.  

Long live his relationship with Nikita I say.  I want to keep him around….he makes me laugh!

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