Just another normal day !!

Day three !!!!  I will stop counting the days eventually I promise but at the moment I’m feeling very chuffed with myself for keeping it up so forgive me !

Becoming a writer is not something I ever saw myself doing.  Why ?  I hated English at school, hated writing essays and probably, if asked, would have said it was the last thing on earth I would ever want to do !  How wrong can one be ? I’ve now written two books and working hard on the third, formulating the fourth and surprisingly….enjoying every moment of it !

I didn’t choose this path, I was asked if I would be prepared to write my life story by my agent.  I couldn’t see why anyone would want to read it but he felt otherwise so, here I am !  The prospect was extremely daunting. One…I wasn’t a writer, Two…I had no desire to be one and Three…I couldn’t think of anything I wanted to do less !!

However, I am and always will be, eternally open minded to any suggestion and so it was I sat down one day in total turmoil wondering where on earth to start !  With a huge amount of encouragement from my brilliant agent Andrew Lownie and the fantastically gifted Lynne Barrett-Lee I timidly started writing the first few pages having no idea where I was going or how to go about it !  It’s been a steep learning curve to put it mildly but it just goes to show that we should all always be open minded to opportunities that come our way.

I’ve brought the children up with exactly the same philosophy.  Take every opportunity that comes your way because you never know where it will lead.  Fortunately they’ve taken this advice on board and do grab and run with anything that they believe will advance their ambitions.

On a totally different subject….I popped out last night to get milk etc..( something I seem to have to do twice a day or is it my imagination ? ).  We get through about 50 pints a week somehow and it certainly isn’t me drinking it….I avoid the stuff !

Anyway, I was ambling around the supermarket when my phone rang.  It was my second child, Kacie who is 19.  Her first words brought me to standstill whilst making the difficult decision as to which Grapefruit to buy.  She said “Mum ?” in that voice which tells you instantly that the next sentence is not going to be one you want to hear !! She continued “You know when you go out sometimes you tell us not to ring you unless the house is on fire ?”. Wellllllll………..this is that call !”.

Heart in mouth wondering what was to come next I muttered fearfully the word “Right ?….and ?”.  she went on to tell me that they had all been milling around as always when Osborn smelt burning.  On opening the back door they were greeted by a furnace !  The bale of straw that was waiting to be taken up to the chicken house was ablaze along with a pile of cardboard waiting to be disposed of and various other miscellaneous items including the hose, tool box, recycling crates etc..etc…

Apparently Osborn had had the instant presence of mind to turn the hose on to put the fire out only to find that had been burnt as well and the water was spraying randomly in all directions.  Apparently it took numerous buckets of water to put the damn thing out !

The back door is singed, the cat flap has melted and assorted garden tools have been rendered useless !  On investigation by fire chief Vikie, the findings were that  Osborn had been burning cake cases (????….!!!) outside the back door.  This in itself was bad enough but the fact that he’d been seen fiddling with a lighter earlier that evening and had been told in no uncertain terms by me that he was to ‘pack it in’ made it rather worse for him.  He did however have the balls to admit that he believed he was to blame !!

I am now about to go in search of a new cat flap and then work out what to do with the rest of the singed items outside the back door !

Another average day in the ‘Mad Shanks Household’ !!!

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