Keeping an open mind….and acrylic nails?

Open Minds and Gel and Acrylic nails being totally different!

I did it…..I had my first ever manicure yesterday!  So, how did it go?  Fantastic.  An hour sitting still being pampered and beautiful nails for once at the end of it.  And beautiful they most certainly are!

Eat your hearts out girls, or, go to Dawn and get some!

It’s only been 24 hours and the number of compliments I’ve had already is too many to count, me happy bunny!  However, the tale doesn’t end there (does it ever?).

I walked into the salon to be greeted by Dawn who was just finishing off someones eyebrows so I sat on one of the salon seats whilst we chatted and caught up a bit having not seen each other for a while.

Mid conversation she looked at me and said quizzically, “You don’t know what Gel Nails are do you?”.  Gulp……I had a feeling I was about to be put right on something as I’d very politely turned down her offer of Gel Nails opting for a ‘normal’ manicure instead.

“Errrrrr…..they’re the stick on ones that ruin your real nails?” I volunteered weakly. “I KNEW you thought that!” she declared very robustly.  “Everyone gets it wrong!”, she was obviously sick of this one but I, meanwhile, was sitting looking very bemused.

“Those are Acrylic” she told me in no uncertain terms “And I don’t do them because they DO ruin your nails”.  OK……I’m starting to understand that I don’t actually understand.  “Right” she said, “Acrylic nails are the ones that are built up using powder etc…., Gel nails are just like normal nail varnish except they’re glossier and stronger and don’t chip and fade”.

I was starting to get the picture and hearing that they lasted several weeks they were beginning to sound very appealing.  She uses OPI Gel Varnish which is the best I’m told and the colour options are gorgeous.

“I’m giving you Gel nails anyway” she announced.  By this time I had been well and truly ‘educated’ on different nail types and their plusses and minuses so was quite happy with her decision.  My own nails have always been very strong and actually quite nice so the thought of having a manicure that was going to destroy my own nails had been something I wasn’t prepared to contemplate.  As it turned out, Gel nail varnish is a totally different thing.

I duly sat down to be pampered for an hour, first the buffing, then the filing and shaping, base coat, 2 coats of fabulous glittery, silvery, gold varnish and then top coat, all being set under the UV lamp as we went along.  The end result?  Well, the picture says it all, I just wish I’d taken a ‘before’ photo.

I’m madly in love with my new nails and not having to worry about what I do in case I chip one is a bonus not to be sniffed at!  The other huge plus is knowing that I don’t have to even think about my nails for several weeks, they’ll just stay looking lovely and at a price that is very affordable because they stay done for so much time!

I’m a convert but what’s the moral in today’s tale?  Well, I was an idiot on this one by making an assumption based on not enough information.  I pride myself on having an open mind but I wasn’t very open on this one which has made me question where else in my life I could extend my thinking by being better informed.  

One to mull over maybe?

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