‘Kingdom of Us’: What all the children take away with them….answered!

My number one son (only son actually!),  travelled to Spain and Italy for a few weeks at the end of last year and I couldn’t wait for his return both times.  His departure aways leaves a gaping hole in the house that we all feel deeply and everyone wanders around asking “When is Osborn back?”.

In the film, ‘Kingdom of Us’, I’m in Pippa’s bedroom whilst she’s away in hospital talking to Nikita about what Pippa takes with her when she’s away, she’s the ‘Spark’ in the house.  She’s the person who throws curved balls at you that create sparks, sometimes not so good but mostly in the most wondrous way.

Unfortunately, when Nikita asks me what she takes away, because she’d put me on the spot, I really couldn’t think!  Since the release of the film I’ve had more time to consider all of the children and what part they play in the family unit, so here’s a run down of each of them:-

Jamie: Jamie is where it all started 26 years ago, she was the baby I believed I could never bear, having been told I was infertile for 17 years by every doctor I’d seen.  She was a huge surprise, and not at the best time in my life, but I eventually reasoned that she was just meant to be.  Ever since, she has represented all that is great about my life and when she isn’t around we all miss her passion for everything.  Without the happy accident that was Jamie, my life would be so much the poorer.

Kacie: Kacie is the drive of the family, she forges ahead with whatever she believes in without faltering and carries everyone along with her.  She’s like the irresistible force that never gives up, no matter how hard everything gets, and she’s had her fair share of troubles recently but she’s still fighting back.

Lorie: Lorie is the determination of the family, she works so hard to accomplish the things she believes in, very often against all the odds.  She will do whatever it takes to achieve her goal, inspiring everyone else to keep going as well.

Mirie: Mirie is the heart of the family, she quietly goes about her business making sure everyone is ok and being careful she never leaves anyone on a bad note in case anything happens to them.  She cares deeply about the less fortunate, be they human or animal and is constantly looking for ways to enrich people’s lives.

Nikita: Nikita is the fun of the family, she makes us laugh so much with her incredibly sharp and very accurate wit.  Her comedic talent is astounding and an absolute joy to witness, there would be a lot less laughter in the house without her.

Osborn: Osborn is the mind of the family, he’s the one who asks the questions that no-one else would even think to ask in the first place!  He questions everything and searches constantly for the reason behind everything, keeping us all on our toes at all times.  Osborn and I can talk for hours about anything and everything!

Pippa: Pippa, as I’ve already said, is the spark of the family, you never know what’s coming next but it’s normally something very funny and unexpected.  Her wit is razor-sharp and is delivered with pinpoint accuracy, very often hitting the parts other people can’t reach!


The whole team at the premiere of ‘Kingdom of Us’!

One thought on “‘Kingdom of Us’: What all the children take away with them….answered!

  1. What a lovely family. There is so much love and honesty amongst everyone. Each individual is talented and obviously very intelligent. I’m not sure I agree with the diagnosis of autism. It’s quite a tribute to the Mom for holding them together and so close in such a compassionate household. I wish I could meet and know each and every one of you. I am so very impressed and moved by you and your story. Thank you for sharing in such a meaningful way. I would love to hear from any of you who would care to write to me.

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