Kingdom of Us

After nearly four years of filming and production, the moment we’ve been waiting for is finally here!  It’s with a tiny bit of apprehension and a huge amount of excitement that we look forward to the World Premiere at the British Film Festival on the 7th October of our film about our journey over the last few years since Paul’s suicide.

Excitement because it’s been SUCH a long time in the making, and a tiny bit of apprehension because it’s such an intensely personal and real film which shows us ‘warts and all’.

We insisted from the very beginning that the film be totally real, no staging, no pretending to be something we’re not or vice versa, and that’s what it is…just us…as we are in real life.

We’re all so happy with the finished film and for that we have to thank the amazing Lucy Cohen (Director), not only a brilliant Director but an awesome person as well, we all love her dearly and really hope that the film may help in some way, if it touches one person it will have been worth every moment of the last four years.

Film trailer…


Tickets on sale here from 14/9/17

6 thoughts on “Kingdom of Us

  1. It’s so sad my son has autism bipolar etc it’s so hard were going through some of these emotions and sadness such a lovely family I hope they can move on and be happy xx

  2. My two year old doesn’t remotely care that its Saturday and I didn’t want to wake up at 4.06 am and play with his cars with him but that’s what happened anyway. It actually gave me the chance to scroll through my Netflix account and accidently come across kingdom of us……what an absolute revelation this film is. You are truly an inspirational woman with such inspirational children, and telling your story together with such brutal honestly and raw emotion is going to stick with me forever. One can never truly understand th effect of one person’s actions, a never-ending domino line is created , unstoppable because time can never truly fully heal such devastation. I am currently waiting for my 14 year old daughter to be officially diagnosed with autism. We have been struggling for the past 3 years and its really only the past 4 weeks that I feel I am actually being heard, classic case of falling through the cracks of our nhs system. I have had no other option but to find my voice and make them listen as she severely deteriorated in September… much so that she has had to leave her mainstream school. I am currently counting down the days until Wednesday when she meets with the eating disorder psychiatrist to see if she has started eating enough so we can start medication or whether she has to be hospitalised for her own well being. Your journey as a family with autism has given me a new feeling of hope for my daughter, especially when you speak about the severity of struggle and fear with your daughter nikkita. My daughter is struggling so much and nobody seems to understand or care that much really…..but I do and I will fight for her to have a better quality of life than the one she has right now. I will stop babbling now and thankyou again, I will actually thank my mischievous little boy for a change also, because without his EARLY wake up I fear I would have missed out on this heartbreaking/loving/bittersweet story all together…..


  3. Thank you sooo much for being vulnerable and sharing such a deep and real tragedy! You guys are brave and amazing, and I love the way you support and love each other even in the hard moments. You are an amazing Mom Vicki!

    Much love and blessings over you and yours

  4. I just finished watching your Documentary – Kingdom of Us! What a beautiful and heartbroken story! You have a beautiful family! Lots of love from Southern California!

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