Leamington Food Festival v Tesco??

Food Festival

Vicki rang me this morning, did I fancy going to the food festival in Leamington?  After much consideration (about a millisecond) I decided it was great idea to go and hobble around a foodie fest for a while!  I collected Vicki and a large bag of home grown courgettes to be cooked and frozen and we headed off to Leamington.  After getting the best parking spot right next to the gardens (I’m always lucky with parking!) we were able to hobble straight into the festival.

We were immediately hit with an incredible fusion of smells coming from every direction!  Not always a great combination but certainly interesting.  As we wandered from stall to stall we were offered everything from garlic spread to endless glasses of wine and beer.  Ten in the morning was far too early for both of us though to try either!  After an hour we both decided we’d seen enough….there are only so many Paellas you can ‘Oooooh’ over and coffee was calling.

Later today

If only our Tesco delivery looked as organised as this!

Tesco was delivering between 4-5, going around the store with a crutch is an absolute pain so their delivery service is a must at the moment.  It duly arrived and as only Jamie and Osborn were here it was down to them to put it away.  They were beavering away when Osborn decided they should time how long it takes to put it all away.  Good idea!  Errr…no….this is the Mad Shanks Residence so nothing is that simple!

Before I knew what was happening we were embroiled in discussing the variables involved like how many items there were, where in the house they were located, how many people were doing the work etc….etc….  It very quickly became extremely complicated and totally untenable to actually work out as the variables were far too great in number.  In the end what actually happened was that the job didn’t actually get done at all until I went out to collect Osborn’s new school tops which I’d had to order from Asda leaving instructions to make sure the kitchen was cleared and the shopping put away before my return!!

Unbelievably…..when I got back it was actually done!  Love you kids! xxxxxxx

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