Let silliness abound for the sake of our sanity!!

Simples and Welcomes!

Life should be fun!  I know, I know…….pressure, mortgages, bills, work, HS2 etc….etc….etc…..it goes on and on, but what on earth is it all about if there isn’t any laughter to go along with the mundane?

There’s a saying that says we should live our lives with the responsibility of an adult but the attitude of a child.  In short, the essence of this is that we should administer our lives in a fashion that takes care of our dependents but that doesn’t mean we can’t have some silly fun along the way.

I couldn’t agree more, so, enter my growing family of Meerkats!  I have loved these creatures since long before Sergei and Aleksandr hit our screens for the sake of car insurance, and yes, I do always go to compare the market to see if the car insurance is cheaper!  Shrieks of delight when it is and I can add to my collection, I have 3 so far!

Welcomes and Simples!  Let’s have some silliness!!

I used to love watching them at Drayton Manor on our trips when the kids were younger, always saying that if I ever had suitable facilities to keep them in an appropriate way that I would have a family of them at home!  I would still love to although whether it would be fair or not I’m not sure.  They still fascinate me though, their little faces and the way they stand up inquisitively really does amuse me.

Bearing all of this in mind, imagine my excitement last night when Janeks arrived home with a whole family of them in the shape of a solar light for the garden pond!  I’m sure my cries of happiness were totally disproportionate to the item I held in my hands but it made the children laugh.  I was genuinely tickled pink, not only with the object of my desires but also with the thought that had been put behind it’s acquisition! 

Janeks cleared the garden at the weekend and coincidentally saw the Meerkats in a shop the day before and thought of me!  He went back especially to buy it for me to put by the pond, they will be the centre piece along with my Rose Quartz.

So, let silliness abound, I do not want or need a natural pond, I want a fun pond complete with fishing gnomes and ceramic Meerkats which say ‘Welcomes’.  

Anyone’s havink problems viz zis?

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