Let’s work it!!

Nothing works if you don’t work it!

Here she goes again :0, banging on about philosophical drivel that we should all take notice of!  Hmmmmm…..I guess you’re kind of right but this could also be deemed more technical and scientific if you’d rather look at it that way?

How many of us can relate to this one!

So, what am I going on about?  Well, I’m going on about everything in life, but what prompted me to write about it is something I’m currently doing.  Having put a stone in weight on whilst on crutches last year when I broke my foot (I was already a few pounds heavier than I like to be!), I’ve tried all sorts to try and shift the extra weight.  Maybe I’ve been half hearted about it but nonetheless, I have been trying and managed to lose about 3 pounds just through healthy eating and exercise.  That was all well and good but I’m not a very patient person and losing a pound a week was going to be a slow process.

Enter the Cambridge Weight plan!  A friend is currently on it and when I saw her a few weeks ago she was looking great.  I lost a lot of weight after my pregnancy with Jamie back in 1992 on the same diet so knew how it worked and decided it was time to get back on it.

I duly searched for and found my lovely counsellor, Tracey, and got started straight away.  There are quite a few misconceptions about the Cambridge Diet, one of them being that it’s unhealthy to live on so few calories a day.  I have to disagree, I’ve been on it 3 weeks now, have lost 8lbs and haven’t felt as fit, healthy and active for years!  It’s a carefully researched product, and …..it works!

But here’s the rub…..it only works if you work it!  In other words, if you have your 3 drinks/bars and day and then still drink full fat Lattes and meals out or takeaways it isn’t going to work.  You might still lose a little weight but certainly not in the way you should, how do I know?  I’ve done it!  In the last 3 weeks I’ve had more parties and invitations out than the last 7 years put together and when your host has gone to a huge amount of trouble it just seems, well, rude to not eat with everyone else.

Ergo, I have knowingly slowed my weight loss down but I’m OK about it.  I take responsibility for it and instead of blaming the diet and claiming it doesn’t work, I accept that I haven’t worked it the way I should have.  Everything I have put n my mouth has been a very conscious choice, I’ve known what I’ve been doing and accepted the consequences on the scales at the end of the week!

I’m now working it properly and the results are now very visible, people are starting to comment which is gratifying and also a great incentive to carry on and not cheat!  The same principle can be applied to most things in life, whether it’s studying hard to get good exam results or turning the washing machine on, you still have to work it!

A little loose some of you are thinking?  Not really, if you get in your car and just sit there you’ll go nowhere, you have to put the work into starting the engine, pressing the clutch, putting it onto gear and steering it down the road.  No work, no activity!

I rest my case M’lud,  you try finding things in life that work all by themselves without a tiny bit of effort or commitment from you?  So, let’s get committed to all of those things we want to do and get on with it!

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