Life back to ‘normal’ ?!

OK….so…the sick kids are nearly all better apart from Lorie and I’m praying the three who haven’t yet succumbed stay that way, including me !!  Everything has returned to ‘normal’ !

Lorie and Mirie, the twins, have joined a theatrical company and Tuesday was the first of a six show run.  Sadly, as Lorie was so ill, the show had to be cancelled but last night she was determined the ‘show would go on’ and managed to drag herself out of bed for the performance.  I was extremely worried about this as I know just how ill she was with not only the bug but also a severe bladder infection.  However, there was no stopping her, she’s a true trooper and refused to let everyone down.  We went to watch their performance and no one would have known she was ill, she and Mirie were both brilliant as Helena and Hermia.  Anyone in the Rugby area should make the effort to go and see the show, it was absolutely hilarious, Shakespeare with a twist !!  I can’t remember the last time I laughed so much !

On another subject.  We live in an area which is frequented by men who wait for other men so that they can go into the woods or along the bridle path and ‘do things’ with them !  It’s extremely unpleasant living in the middle of this and we do get angry that these men seem to feel that they have the right to have sex wherever they want at the risk of being discovered.  I worry constantly about my children and they are only allowed down to the bottom of the field in pairs. 

Last night driving towards the house we saw multiple headlights towards the end of the road where a lot of them congregate.  Osborn instantly bristled as did the rest of us muttering expletives under our breath !  It was ten at night but they  are there at all times so we were all pretty pissed off at the number of headlights and I was praying they weren’t doing it in the road ( which we’ve witnessed before ).  It’s not the sort of thing I want my children seeing at their young ages.

It’s a single track country lane and as we proceeded up it we realised that the first set of lights visible was actually a tractor.  Phew…I thought but then there were more much further up.  Another tractor…I started to relax !  Then we passed a 4×4 parked in one of the gateways which is a popular spot for the aforementioned men and as we passed Osborn wound down his window and shouted obscenities at the car !  We all rounded on him and said “Osborn…that was the farmers car !!!!”.  True to form he immediately stuck his head out of the window and shouted ” SORRY !!”  at the top of his lungs !

This had us all falling about laughing, so typical of Osborn to create chaos and then try to undo it !!

Currently writing like a maniac trying to get a minimum of 5000 words done today. I need to get as far as I can before an important meeting next week !…..sooooo, bye, bye for now !!!

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