Life’s up’s and (at the moment), mostly downs!,

Fun and Fractures!

It’s been a long time!  Life has been conspiring against me to manage to get to a place where I can access the internet and other stuff has added to my grief!  To say I’m fed up would be the understatement of the century!

So….what’s been going on?  Well, firstly I had elderly uncle here for 10 days which was lovely but all time consuming and with no internet I had no way of doing anything at all.  Having returned Uncle safely to Manchester with only a few bumps and bruises courtesy of the children I thought life would return to relative normality.  I was wrong!

It’s all a conspiracy!

So life did return to some semblance of normality (whatever that is?) except the school holidays grind ever on and endless appointments with still no internet at home did continue to make life extremely tricky.  Then disaster struck!  Last Saturday, having overslept and feeling cross with myself for it, I rushed out of my bedroom and instantly slammed my foot into the clothes rail just outside my door.  Said clothes rail has been on my list of things to sort and get rid of for months so I cursed myself for not getting around to it before now.

Anyway, I stopped briefly to utter a few expletives and hobbled on to the bathroom.  I had a full day planned and whilst I was in a huge amount of pain I ignored it and carried on regardless.  I hobbled everywhere assuming the pain would subside as the day went on, instead it got worse. 

Hmph…doesn’t look too bad in a photo….hurts like hell though! 

Worst possible timing

With a TV producer coming up on the Thursday it was not the best timing for me to be hobbling around with a gammy foot but, hey ho, at least I could still walk albeit gingerly and slowly.  Sunday morning however was a totally different ball game!  I got out of bed vaguely thinking that my foot hurt somewhat but as I put it to the ground I shrieked with the searing pain that consumed my entire being!  Ever the optimist I assumed that it was hurting so much because it had been resting all night and just needed to be moved so I took another step and screamed again! 

Jamie heard the commotion and came running.  She took one look at my swollen, very bruised foot and announced that she was now definitely taking me to A & E which I had stubbornly refused to do the day before.  After the usual hours wait the doctor finally called me in and I hobbled towards the door on Pippa’s crutches which were way too short but better than nothing.  He took one cursory look and announced that it didn’t look good.

Still convinced that it was only badly bruised I duly hobbled off to x-ray but on returning to the doctor he announced that I had split the bone on the side of my foot from end to end!  How the hell had I managed that? To add insult to injury I was then subjected to Jamie shrieking ‘I told you so!’ as she had predicted exactly which bone I had broken and had spent the entire previous day trying to get me to go to hospital.

Watching my life evaporate!

As the nurse strapped my toes together and told me to keep it elevated and iced I watched my life disintegrate into disarray!  I was going to have to depend on lifts from my ever busy daughters and be effectively ‘grounded’ for the foreseeable future. I don’t like having my wings clipped even for a day, being told it would take 6 weeks for the bone to heal completely felt like the end of the world!  With an appointment for the fracture clinic made we headed home with an adult set of crutches. 

That was nearly a week ago and I had assumed I would be relatively mobile by now.  Sadly it’s taking longer than I anticipated and I’m still on crutches cursing every time I have to stand up.  I’m the worst patient on the planet so happy times it is not!

We’re doing the pre-filming for the next two weeks so I’m praying that my foot suddenly makes a dramatic improvement.  At least we have internet now but it’s going at a snails pace so still extremely frustrating.  I feel another call to BT coming on!

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