Live Theatre and Marmite!

Waiting for Godot

Hands up if you’ve seen this play?  Ok….hands up again if you still have absolutely no idea whatsoever what it’s all about?  Last one….hands up if you don’t give a damn?  I’ve seen this play twice this week.  Lorie and Mirie were both in it and as always their acting was superb as were the other 3 performers, I can’t fault them on that score at all.  But what the hell was it supposed to be about?  The first time I saw it I came out musing whether it was supposed be something deep and meaningful regarding how most of us live our lives waiting for ‘something’ to happen and not actually living?  The second time round I decided it was just one huge piss take! 

I’ve got a feeling that Beckett would have  found great amusement watching the pseudo-intellectuals wandering out of the theatre arguing about the deep meaning behind the play when in actual fact it’s just a heap of complete and utter nonsense!  It was, apparently, ground breaking back in the 50’s when it was first shown.  A combination of deep meaning, clown like acting and 20’s style slapstick comedy.  My guess is that it was regarded as ground breaking because no-one had a clue what it was actually supposed to be about!

Lorie as Pozzo in the play…doesn’t she look gorgeous?!


Live Theatre

I love live performances no matter what it is, but I must confess I prefer laugh out loud comedy that doesn’t make me work too hard!  My brain works at a hundred miles an hour constantly so if I’m going to be entertained I really want to be entertained in a format that isn’t too taxing!  During my first viewing of the play I was far too intent on working out what the hell was going on…second time round having decided it was just a load of nonsense made it much more entertaining!

Anyway, I’ve got a feeling that this particular play is one of those Marmite things….you either love it or hate it!  When it’s as well acted and directed as this production was it was entertaining regardless of your opinion of the meaning of it, it was just a pleasure to watch.  Having said that, if both of my twin daughters hadn’t been in it I doubt I would have gone at all.  But then, maybe I would have missed on a life changing philosophy?  Who knows? 

By the way, if anyone ever actually does work it out, please let me know.

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