London v Kenilworth?


I was in London on Friday attending various meetings with TV companies, Directors, Literary Agents etc…..  a very productive and hugely enjoyable day if very tiring.  I love these planning meetings, where are we at, where are we going , what’s the time scale, what are our options, how can we maximise the potential, all good brain fodder but these days  far too infrequent for me.

I love being in London, it was my home for 13 years and it’s still very much in my heart.  As I pulled into Euston station on Friday morning I had the very distinct feeling that I had arrived ‘home’.  I feel the same way every time I visit and it always serves to remind me that living in the middle of nowhere, whilst lovely, isn’t really what suits me.


I miss the noise!

I need the hustle and bustle of people, the noise of the traffic….the fact that life is everywhere.  I suppose the reality that I always lived in central London doesn’t help.  I lived right at the throbbing heart of the city and I guess, once a city girl, always a city girl.

So, do I regret leaving the city?  Yes, of course I do from a personal perspective but having had 7 children I couldn’t have wished to bring them up in a lovelier environment than Kenilworth.  Steeped in history it’s a beautiful, quiet little town that has been the perfect backdrop for my children to grow up in.  Having a house in the middle of nowhere has also more than served it’s purpose in having lots of space for them play, explore and run riot whenever they desired.

All of that doesn’t stop me from missing London though and now the children are growing older I feel at liberty to revive my dreams of one day returning, fuelled by the fact that all 7 kids love the city as well!  Maybe it’s in our genes but every time we visit London as a family we all bond as one and hop, skip and jump our way around the streets feeling as free as birds!  It’s wonderful to behold the sight of the children, in unison, looking so happy and carefree.

And that includes me.  The sense of freedom and joy I experience whilst there is second to none but I know so many who would vehemently disagree with me,  people who find the city claustrophobic and chaotic, noisy and threatening.  How different we all are?

Just as well we do all differ so much in our desires in life, the world just wouldn’t work if we all wanted the same thing.  


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