Made By You

Full on Entertainment!

WELL!!  Nikita is in her first show at college…..exciting times!  Not only that but the students at the college have put together a brilliant show called ‘Made by You’.  It’s a series of sketches but with a twist, the audience decide from a ‘menu’ which sketch they want to see next so the performers have no idea what they are going to be doing.  This adds an interesting dimension to the whole proceedings as David (Tutor) wrestles with finding the right audio and the performers run around grabbing props etc…

As the show is totally different every night they have all had a huge amount to learn and having seen the last two nights they have all done an amazing job!  With lots of solo performances as well as the sketches it’s a very varied show and has had us in hysterics on both nights.

I am unashamedly biased about how brilliant and beautiful my fifth daughter is!!


Hilarious and beautifully non-PC!

Over the two nights we’ve been treated to sketches about the Titanic disaster from the Icebergs point of view (hysterically funny), Life in Norfolk (wonderfully funny and very non PC), seen the piss taken out of Toddlers and Tiaras and sketches about game shows.

Last night I was a contestant along with Lorie and Mirie on ‘Catchphrase’!  The three of us spent the whole time in hysterics and even though I clearly won (!?)…..they decided to take it to a ‘Thai Breaker’!! (pun intended and they did commence to ‘break’ a ‘Thai’).

I don’t think we’ve all laughed as much for a very long time and we’re going again tonight and hopefully, tomorrow.  The performers are all very young people but good on them for making such a huge effort and creating such a fantastic show.  Without young up and coming performers like all of them the world would be a much sadder place.  We need to be made to laugh and sometimes cry at their antics and there have been some incredibly moving performances as well.

I’m proud of all of you…..keep up the good work.  We expect another good one tonight!

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