Marijuana, Crystals and the Lotus position!!!

Along with whole host of other people I’ve spent my weekend sitting in the Lotus position, thumb and forefinger touching going ‘ommmmmmmmmmmmmmmm’!  Yep, those of you who are local will be well aware that this weekend was the annual Peace Festival in Leamington!

I had a sneak preview on Saturday morning with Vicki and then went yesterday afternoon with Lorie, Mirie, Nikita and Pippa.  Osborn resolutely refused to go as he says it makes him depressed.  Nothing in the least bit ‘hippy’ about Osborn.

Meanwhile Mirie, Nikita and I were busy getting in touch with our Hippy sides loving every minute of it!  Pippa got her Henna tattoo which was all she wanted, Lorie got her Crepe which was all she wanted and the pair of them decided an hour there was quite enough and went home.

That left the real hippies amongst us to wander at will.  It is a truly fascinating occasion every year.  As we walked onto each stall we were met with a mixture of incense, Patchouli, Ylang Ylang and……..Marijuana??  The whole park was teeming with Police officers but they didn’t seem to be taking any notice of the smell which pervaded the entire place!  Maybe there were just too many to actually be able to take action?  They would probably have needed to arrest 80% of the crowd….an impossible task.

To say I’m not a fan of drugs would an understatement but there’s something about the Peace Festival where it just wouldn’t be the same without that familiar smell?  Most of the stall holders are so high that to say they’re laid back would be a gross understatement.  If they were any more laid back they’d be fast asleep!  Theft must be rife as it’s obvious that most of them have no actual grasp of reality and trying to find the person responsible for the stall in order to pay for goods is almost impossible!

Mirie spent most of her time rummaging through the vintage clothes stalls and found a cardigan that was so ‘her’ it was unbelievable.  I bought her a garland of flowers for her to wear which looked fabulous on her although she did comment that she felt like a ‘complete prick’ wearing it!  She did however keep it on….whether it was to make me happy or whether she secretly liked it I have no idea.  Nikita and I spent a happy hour tracking down a toe ring and ankle bracelet  for her, I wear both so she probably decided it was a good idea based on that!  Anyway, she now has both so she can quietly continue to keep in touch with her ‘hippy’ side.  Mirie and I have no difficulty with that one anyway!

When we found the crystal stall they both knew I would be there for ages and decided to wander off on their own and leave me to it!  I do have quite a ‘thing’ for crystals and do always find myself drawn to them.  I’m open minded as to whether they actually do exude energy and have any ‘healing’ powers…it really doesn’t matter, I just love them!

After three happy and very relaxed hours we decided it was time to go home.  Nikita did ask me whether she felt relaxed because she was relaxed or had all of the Marijuana she’d inhaled during the afternoon had an effect on her?  Hard to say really but I got home and fell asleep on the sofa as soon as I got back!  I’m not a relaxed type so it was quite strange…maybe Nikita had a point????

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