I mentor numerous families and individuals who would like some support related to the Autistic Spectrum, with great success.

I have a life lived with a mother, two brothers and now six children on the Autistic Spectrum, so I have a huge amount of practical experience of what helps and what doesn’t.

I’ve also developed a good understanding of how the Autistic brain works and therefore understand certain behaviours in a way some psychologists maybe can’t, on a very practical level.

Who I can potentially help:

  • Parents of children on the Autistic Spectrum
  • Partners of individuals
  • Those considering getting a diagnosis
  • Adults who feel that they may be on the spectrum
  • Grandparents of children who may be on the spectrum.

What I can potentially help with:

  • Understanding communication and social relationships
  • Improving flexible thinking
  • Considering new ways of coping, problem solving and learning
  • Treating Autism as a gift, not a negative!

If you’d like to undertake some mentoring sessions with me, let’s meet so I can develop an understanding of your needs. We’ll have an initial free half hour session to discuss whether we could work together.

If we decide to have future sessions, I usually suggest an initial block of three sessions so I can listen, provide advice, and get feedback on the tactics that are working. We build on ideas during each session, to help you improve your life and have a calmer, happier household.

Book your mentoring session now and I’ll be in touch to arrange a time.