Mix Loom Bands with Autism!

Loom Bands!

They’re everywhere!  Loom Bands, that is.  Every shop, every street and all around my house!  Every so often a craze comes along that involves itty bitty pieces that are to be constructed to make something and every time around it causes chaos in ‘The Mad Shanks Residence’!

I’m praying my children have no holiday project plans like this?

Sodding Loom Bands are no different.  Having been through the Hama Bead stage and learned to my cost that if there is somewhere for one to snuggle it will find it, and if I dare to walk around with no shoes on then my feet will find every last one of them!  Much hopping was ado around that phase and I even found one in my dinner one night…..I didn’t bother asking!

Then we had Scoubidou’s!  What fun that one was!  They would turn up in every random place possible as well.  My dishwasher broke because of one when it found it’s way in and got wrapped around the sprayer arm, an £80 engineers bill ensued.  They were in the washing machine, the laundry baskets, down the back of the sofa nestling happily alongside the odd long deserted Hama Bead and all over the floor.  I even managed to trip over on one of the blasted things when one foot managed to, (somehow?), tread on one end and the other became entangled in the toes of my other foot.  Fortunately nothing was broken!

Not to forget the Pokemon  cards that had already blighted my life for years and the Beyblades that Osborn was obsessed with that span out of the arena and shot across the room with unsettling regularity.  The list is, of course, endless.  I’ve barely scratched the surface of the extraordinary number of crazes that have swept the country leaving parents everywhere wishing they could meet the inventor of said craze and punch his or her lights out!

So, the Loom Bands!  With Pippa in tow we visited Leamington Spa on Tuesday afternoon where, I was assured, were the cheapest Loom Bands available anywhere.  Closer inspection revealed that the blasted things were even more expensive than the local corner shop so we searched on, me on a quest to satisfy her need for more without blasting a hole in my bank balance.

Eventually we wandered into The Works and struck gold!  Pippa, suitably kitted out and happy, and me relieved that there was indeed somewhere that sold them at a sensible price, both of us were happy.

Now my house is festooned in the wretched things.  They inhabit every surface, every nook and cranny around the skirting board and randomly scattered all over the floor.  That’s just the loose ones, then there are the abandoned projects that appear everywhere, with me never daring to throw them away for fear that it’s a treasured piece of irreplaceable artwork (the autism kicks in again!).  And so they sit where they are until many weeks have passed and I can be sure that they are definitely not required, only to be chastised the following day for having disposed of it!  

I always forget these kids have photographic memories, so as soon as something moves, they notice it.  If anyone wants to know why my house is chaotic…..you have the answer right there!  Years of never daring to move anything and the habit persists still.  So there you have it, my house will never be tidy as I daren’t put, or throw, anything away.  

Long live chaos! 🙁

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