Mother’s help and ….Easter of course!

Mother’s Help

Mother’s Help….it’s not a term you hear much these days and yet I know when I had hoards of toddlers I would have been extremely grateful for a little help!  I guess nurseries have taken over in providing space for mums to do what they need to do but when mine were young I would much rather have had someone to take some of the other chores away so that I could actually spend some time with my children!  Putting them into a nursery at a young age allowed me to work but I missed out on so much of their development, and frankly, that makes me sad.

My 4 eldest girls have had enough of waitressing and have decided to start a service called ‘Mother’s Help….everything but the plumbing!’.  I think it’s a brilliant idea, they’re prepared to do all the tasks that take up so much time like ironing, housework etc…so that ‘mum’ can actually spend time with her children.  They’re also more than happy to baby sit, do school runs etc…as well as anything else you can think of.

We’ve all got one of these….haven’t we?

They’re well placed for such a business, having younger siblings and also being well versed in spending time with disabled children, there isn’t much they can’t handle.  I reckon they’ll make a huge success of it, they all love children, they don’t care what jobs they do and they’re all hard workers.

Please wish them all luck!…..oh yes, and of course, if you need their services, do get in touch.

And a quick update on Osborn and Pippa.  They’re both very sore from the injections but Osborn did have 20+ and Pippa about 15 so that’s to be expected, they go straight into the muscle so it’s going to hurt.  Other than that they’re both well and I’m nagging them to do their physio and the school physiotherapist rang this morning to check up on them as well!  No escape for either of them!

Easter is nearly upon us, I plan to get the garden straight (weather permitting), take a little time out (no chance!) and try to get the house straight (I dream!).  Let me know what you’re up to?

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