Mug of mugs or YEUK!!!!

A Challenge!

So…the children threw down the gauntlet last night and challenged me to write a blog on a totally random subject selected by them!  I accepted the challenge so here we are.  Write a blog about mugs they decided, thinking they were offering up a huge challenge.  Easy thought I,I could write a whole book on the subject of mugs in this house.

And actually…..I don’t even know where to start!  Do I begin with the sheer quantity or the miscellaneous shapes and sizes or the ones it’s impossible to drink out of in the first place or the ones that are cracked and chipped that I keep throwing away that mysteriously reappear with uncanny regularity?  The choice is endless.  Oh….and actually….I’m forgetting the most important variety, those that are being utilised as experiments.

Fascinating how Kacie can turn this into an art form?

Now here is a real challenge for me.  Those mugs found in odd places around the entire house that are in the process of growing a miscellaneous variety of nuclear strength mould, may or may not, be deliberate!  Mostly, of course, they are just festering innocently away due to the user being too lazy to bring them down to the kitchen, but woe betide me if I remove one that Osborn is actually using as a scientific experiment.  Furthermore, I have no way of knowing the difference.  He will actually see a cup starting to grow fur and hide it so that he can watch it’s progress for a few weeks.  I remove the offending item and place in super strength bleach only to be attacked for destroying his important research! 

What does intrigue me is how the amount of liquid that was in the mug in the first place seems to have a great bearing on the ultimate outcome six weeks further on.  That, of course, along with the type of liquid.  Anything milk based seems to morph into a fairly solid black and green gunk whereas squash develops pretty little green circles on the top rather reminiscent of Lily Pads, all they need is the fairies and frogs!

I’ve even had Kacie growing her own samples (by accident) that she decided to use as inspiration for a fashion design project she’s currently on, talk about turning a negative to your advantage.  As I ranted to her about the health risks she was admiring the beauty of the colours and textures.  Rant abruptly brought to a halt!

So, talking of fairies, is it any wonder that I spend a good amount of time wishing I was ‘away with the fairies’ enough to disable any comprehension of what’s going on around me?  Feel for me….please?

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