My exciting weekend and ‘even’ numbers !

You’ll all be glad to hear that I’m now losing count but I think this is day 6 !?

Yesterday was relatively uneventful which is a rare occurrence at our place.  I did the Tesco shop ( yawn ! ) which was also uneventful.  People ask why I don’t shop online ?  Good question….good answer !  I don’t shop online because with so many autistic kids I have to make sure that whatever I buy is precise !  The right brand of tomato sauce, the right size and colour of bananas, the right pasta etc….  Now theoretically this is what they do when they select your shopping for you but there are always some substitutions which creates chaos when it arrives and the children start unpacking it.  I know what I can get away with…the lovely person in Tesco selecting my groceries doesn’t and therefore over the years I’ve decided that it is easier and actually quicker for me to go in person and choose my own stuff !

I don’t normally go on Sunday but at 2pm yesterday afternoon it was virtually empty which made the job a lot easier !  I have a route, I know exactly what I’m buying because it’s virtually the same every week and so it can be a quick process, no people made it even quicker so I’m now considering changing my shopping day, how exciting is that !!!

My level of excitement at this is causing me to carefully consider just how sad my life has become partly because I feel a sense of real excitement at having discovered that the Tesco shop is easier on Sunday afternoon and also because my Saturday evening is now dominated by Britain’s Got Talent and The Voice !!  Surely I should be doing something more exciting on Saturday evening ?

My kids however love it apart from my critique of each artist !  Moaning when someone doesn’t get through who I think should and getting ridiculously excitable when I feel the judges have ‘got it right’ !!  Who am I, they say, to think that I’m right and the judges are wrong !  I respect their opinion but I have been involved in the entertainment business for over 30 years in some form or other so I do feel a little qualified ?!

On another subject entirely…what is it about autistic kids and even numbers ?  All of mine are obsessed with them !  They hate odd numbers and I was having a conversation with Nikita over the weekend which was interesting and also hilarious !

We were driving home from her friends house where they had spent all afternoon doing various revolting challenges !  Eating lemons, raw garlic, Sprite and bananas which apparently made them throw up ( and this was the highlight of the afternoon ! ) etc…  I should try it she insisted…..I volunteered that it didn’t sound like my kind of thing at which she was terribly disappointed !!

Back to the ‘even’ numbers.  She was musing that she was delighted that she had been born on the 2nd June so 2nd of the 6th which are both even numbers !  The fact that she was born in 1997 which is not an even number she says she has now come to accept !  She then went on to tell me that she is determined to also die on an even date, even month and an even year !!!  When I pointed out that this may be a little tricky to achieve she was adamant that she was going to do it come what may !!

The even number thing has caused all sorts of problems over the years right down to them having to eat an even number of a particular item.  Nikita has to be touched evenly so if you touch her one side she will grab your hand and touch herself with it on the other side in the same place to ‘even’ it up !!  Those of you with children on the spectrum may relate to this as it appears to be a common anomaly of their thinking.

Oh….by the way….’Osborn the Arsonist’ was spotted brandishing a lighter again yesterday in the house…it was swiftly confiscated before he could create another furnace !!

Have a great day !!

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