My ‘extended’ family!

My extended family

I suppose it’s inevitable with so many children that along the way I have picked up ‘adopted’ ones.  You know, the ones that have been in the kids lives for years and years and have become part of the family?  I have a lot of them that regularly appear out of nowhere to see someone or turn up for no reason whatsoever except they wanted to!  This is great, I’m not complaining, they just fit right in with the madness known as the ‘Shanks Household’!

One such adopted son is Chris.  Lovely little Chris who I’ve watched mature over the past 6 years into a lovely young man.  I’m extremely fond of Chris, he has a lovely nature and as an added bonus he’s the gay son I’ll never have!  Osborn is definitely not going to ‘come out’……ever.  In fact we were debating last night whether he’ll ever actually clock on when a girl comes onto him?  He’s a very good looking lad is Osborn but absolutely oblivious to the opposite sex, rather like, well…Sheldon!?  I’m reliably informed by his sisters that he is regarded locally as something of a heart throb.  Not only does he not realise it, he also doesn’t care, he’s far too busy trying to work out the feasibility of time travel.

My surrogate son…Chris!!

Yesterday was Harry’s birthday (Kacie’s boyfriend) and Chris was here helping to make birthday cakes etc…as Harry had come back from uni for the occasion.  Kacie had spent weeks stressing over his birthday presents and eagerly awaiting each delivery that was due.  As they canoodled on the settee, having not seen each other for six weeks, Chris and I got talking about him wearing make-up. As I was a make up artist in a previous life I have promised him I’ll show how he can wear a little and look completely natural.  We’re both very excited at the prospect and believe that a night out together after would be a great idea! 
Meanwhile, back on the settee, with Chris and I playing ‘gooseberry’ are Kacie and Harry!!



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