My First Blog !!!

RIGHT !!!  My first blog ! 

I’ve never got into blogging, probably because I’ve never got my head round what blogging is !  But where on earth do you start ?

I’m guessing that a good starting place would be to give you a little information about who  on earth I am and why I’ve decided to start writing a blog in the first place ?

My name is Vikie Shanks.  I have seven amazing children of whom I am extremely proud, of the seven, six are girls and one ( Osborn) is a boy !  He lives in a house with seven women and no other male back up….just take a second to take that one in !!  There are times of the month when he wishes he could gracefully bow out of the household and live, knowing Osborn, on another planet !  Bearing in mind that women who are in close contact to each other tend to synchronise their monthly hormonal cycles and maybe any male readers out there could hold a minutes silence for him !

I also need to point out that of the seven of them, six are on the autistic spectrum and the other is severely dyslexic and yes, she is sick of the joke about whether she’s a member of the DNA !!  Add into all of this that the youngest two as well as being autistic also have Cerebral Palsy and maybe you can understand that the complications of being a single mother to this lot can be challenging, rewarding and a lot of the time just downright hilarious !

So why start a blog ?  I’ve written a book about our lives with my husband/their father called Unravelled currently on submission with publishers.  I’ve also almost completed two other books, one about life after his suicide and the other a book designed to give simple and easily accessed hints and tips to parents with children on the autistic spectrum.  I’m well placed to do this having brought my lot up in the autistic ‘dark ages’ when so little information was available and I was literally learning on the hoof !  A baptism of fire it has certainly been but the upshot is that I now have the badge, tee shirt, DVD, baseball cap and any other ‘merchandise’ available !!

This blog is hopefully going to be a place where I can share hints on dealing with autism that have worked for me, funny stories that will make you laugh out loud and an insight into life at the ‘Mad Shanks Residence’ !

Watch this space for what I intend to be a daily update and let’s hope we can all have a lot of fun together !!

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