My Little Elves!

The Elves have been to visit!

Sunday morning I left the children in Jess’s capable hands and went out to get some work done.  On my return a few hours later I was greeted by hoards of people flooding out of the house gesticulating for me to disappear for the afternoon.  Good…..Christmas shopping opportunity thought I and headed off out again having been blindfolded and led into the house in order to have a wee. (Maybe too much information there?)

So…..I toddled off for another couple of hours ringing to check whether I was allowed home at decent intervals to be told repeatedly to stay away!  Eventually, at around 4pm, I was informed that I could return home.

OK….OK….it doesn’t QUITE look like this…….

What could I expect?

With a certain degree of trepidation I drove back to the house wondering what I was going to find?  As I pulled up in the car I was greeted by one of the children and once again led into the house with my eyes closed.  I was manoeuvred into the appropriate position and could hear the assembled throng in the background whispering and giggling.  Eventually I was ordered to open my eyes and what greeted me were ten pairs of expectant eyes all ogling at me.

As I averted my gaze away from them and looked around I admit to being somewhat stunned.  All of the children, two of the boyfriends, Jess and one of the girls friends had blitzed the house!  Now anyone who knows us is well aware that ‘tidy’ isn’t a word that one would normally put in the same sentence as another related to our home!  Our house is….well…..’lived in’ is probably the kindest way of putting it!

As I was escorted around the entire house I was amazed that every pile of washing had vanished, the floor was clear in every direction, the miscellaneous piles of paperwork had been accumulated into one heap and everything appeared to be sparkling!

To say I was happy would be an understatement in the extreme!  Christmas had come early as far as I was concerned and a visit from Santa’s Elves was just what I had asked for!  I couldn’t, and still can’t thank them all enough, especially everyone who doesn’t even live here!!

Here is my public gratitude to you all for doing such a thorough and brilliant job and making the house look normal again!  Christmas will be very different now and the great news is  that, for once, everyone is clearing up after themselves so it’s staying nice and tidy..

Long may it continue!!

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