My Whirlwind Trip to Dublin!

The Emerald Isle

So, yesterday morning saw Kacie and I leave for Heathrow Airport at 2.00am, she was my chauffeur for the day and neither of us had slept!  We had an uneventful journey down and arrived at 5.00am for my flight at 6.30am, I was happy to be early as the time schedule for the day allowed no room for error!

Link here for interview

Passing through security at Heathrow was an interesting experience as well.  Firstly my bags were not in order and ended up on the wrong side of the table to my dismay.  Secondly, I was stopped for a random check and had to stand in a giant scanner with my hands up in the air whilst I was given a full body scan!  After stepping out of the machine a lovely security lady asked me if I’d been through already that day?  I answered no and she looked puzzled, “I know you though?” she pondered.  We threw around a few ideas and suddenly she proclaimed “You’re off the telly!”.  My turn to look bemused!  “I was on This Morning a few weeks ago?” I ventured, “That’s it!” she shrieked, “I saw you on it!”.  She went on to tell all of her co-workers all about me and caused a huge commotion saying she couldn’t believe my story and how great it was to actually meet me!  I was astounded.

After that tiny foray into the world of the recognisable, I arrived in Dublin at 8.00am and waited for my taxi to arrive, it’s the first time in my life I’ve had someone walking around with my name on a card…..exciting!!  Once we were finally in the cab we had less than 45 minutes to get to the studio before I was due on live TV and with the cabby’s sat nav showing a delay en route due to an accident, stress levels were running high!

We finally arrived at the studio with less than 30 minutes to go, 2 minutes in hair and make-up (fortunately I’d done my own and the lady was pretty happy with how I looked apart from a thick layer of powder), a quick chat with Sinead (one of the presenters) and it was through to the studio!

Before I really knew what was happening I was on the sofa chatting to Sinead and Aidan as if we were old friends.  Both excellent journalists, they asked brilliantly probing questions and my sleep deprived brain was struggling to keep up, but having watched the interview back I think it went pretty well regardless!

Once out of the studio I said my goodbyes to all the lovely people there and jumped back into the taxi to head back to the airport and catch my flight back to Heathrow.  It was a whirlwind trip and sadly I had no chance to see Dublin other than the motorway that took me to the studio and back.

Having said that, everyone I met over there was lovely, from the TV crew to the taxi drivers and the airport staff.  Such friendly people and having never been to Ireland before I would now love to go back properly.

It was a whirlwind day and once home I collapsed onto the sofa and immediately fell asleep, much to my disgust, but I really couldn’t put one foot in front of the other.  But it was worth it, I had a lovely time over there and met some beautiful people including Sinead and Aidan.

Thank you so much to Ireland AM for inviting me across, hopefully I will see you all again!

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