My Willing Volunteers!

Willing Volunteers and Residents Associations

A lot of areas have Residents Associations but not many people seem to be a member of them?  I’m as guilty as everyone else, for personal reasons I wasn’t able to join our local association and didn’t become a member until a couple of years ago.  Since then I haven’t played an active role either beyond paying my ¬£3 a year subscription!  That was until last night when I decided it was high time I went along to the AGM and found out more about what was going on around me.

I guess there were more people there than I expected but it was good to see so many who cared about  their local vicinity.  HS2 was probably the issue that put a rocket up my backside to get more involved as the association is very active and the Chairman and Secretary are extremely proactive.  HS2 is something that will blight the whole area so naturally we are all concerned.  I was also interested to hear what else was going on and I received quite a shock!  New housing estates being proposed in the most ridiculous places, HS2 obviously and numerous other items came up on the agenda.  

None of us want this to be the view from our windows… 

I was quite surprised at how much the association was involved with and how much they were actually able to influence certain decisions that I had absolutely no knowledge of in the first place!  Shame on me!

Sadly, Nick, the Secretary is having to stand down so it was down to any volunteers who would be happy to able up take up the position.  I felt so guilty for not putting myself forward but with so many projects on the go right now I knew it would be impossible to give it the necessary time.  Maybe next year?  

Happy Volunteers!!

I did, however, volunteer all of the children for speed watch duty on the main road and any other jobs that needed doing like leaflet distribution!!  There are a lot of them, a small army really, so why should they not contribute to their local area?  I haven’t told them yet but it’s not as if it’s going to be terribly time consuming and they need to learn about ‘neighbourliness’, even though we have no immediate neighbours.  A little bit of input from all 8 of us could have a big impact on the time consuming jobs that the rest of the volunteers have to do.  They all have heir own responsibilities and lives beyond the association so everyone should chip in.

I’ve now given myself a much needed rap on the knuckles for not being more involved myself on matters that do affect me and that I do get upset about.  Why have I lived allowing other people to take on the concerns that affect me too?  I suppose it’s because they’ve been prepared to do it and we all tend to take that for granted.  

I’m going to make every effort for all of us to be more interested and involved in matters that could and should be our business.

Oh….by the way kids….thank you for volunteering your services to help your local community!!! xxxxxxx

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