New Year….New You??????

New Year!  New You???

So, it’s New Years Day once again.  Maybe I’ve experienced too many of them or maybe having a husband who was fanatical about New Years Resolutions has turned me off the idea a little?  I know there are lots of you springing(?) around this morning….OK, maybe crawling, but you’re all excited about New Year…New You!


Starting the New Year…maybe not the best way?!

Magical Transformation?

Let me ask you a question.  Do you feel very different to the way you felt yesterday apart from your new found enthusiasm for your resolutions and hoping that today will be a new start?  Another question.  Could you have just as easily started your ‘New You’ campaign on the 14th August?  The answer to that one has to be yes!  The date you turn over a new leaf has no bearing on anything.

Which brings me to my main point ( playing Devils Advocate here a little).  Why do we all wait for the 1st of January to make changes in our lives that we could make any day of the year?  I know some people who make enormous changes to their lives on January 1st, lose the plot within a few weeks (if they last that long!) and then wait a whole year until the next New Year to try again!  Why?  Every single moment of every single hour of every single day is special and to be treasured.  We really do have no idea what’s around the corner, anything could happen (good or bad) at any second, so that reality makes waiting for the new year an absolute nonsense.

Embrace it all!

I would like to encourage every single person who reads this to take the bull by the horns every morning when you wake and resolve to be the very best you that you can be.  Take at least one small step every day towards achieving your ultimate life goal, make things happen instead of waiting for things to happen to you.  Try it and see how you feel about life.  And believe.  You cannot make changes of any kind unless you believe you can.  Think how few advances there would have been through history were it not for the ones who believed they could make a difference, however large or small.  I guess Nelson Mandela and Ghandi spring to mind very quickly.

And don’t misconstrue what I’m saying, you don’t have to change the world, just change the things that are important to you and your loved ones.  But, do it every day, never mind the date.  You might be just one small step away from the moment you’ve been working towards.

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