New Year: The best advice I’ve seen!

It’s New Years Eve and I find myself in the same mindset that I have every year, to make resolutions or treat this the same as any other day of the year?  I’m always torn, I like to try to treat every day as a new start so my brain argues that the 31st December should be no different, but, at the same time, measuring life and success in chunks can be a handy reference point.

The whole thought process this year has been harder as I haven’t been well the past few days so the trusty brain hasn’t been working efficiently, very frustrating.  Anyway, what is my conclusion?  Well, thanks to my very good friend Paul McGregor, I have decided to follow his excellent advice and do the following:-

– Set smaller goals

– Reward small wins

– Remind yourself ‘why’

– Stay accountable

– Be patient

He’s right, we tend to fall by the wayside with our New Year Resolutions because we set our goals so high that we fall at the first hurdle.  Disappointment in our efforts just creates a negative impact on our self-esteem and self belief, we’ve proved again what we proved last year, we can’t stick to our goals!  NOT HELPFUL!

And we do need to reward small wins AND remind ourselves of what our ‘why’ is whilst staying accountable to ourselves and others and being patient.  So this year I’m not going to be so hard on myself and I’m going to recognise the small successes because it’s the small stuff that adds up to the big stuff.

I have huge ambitions to change the world and the way we treat people with mental health challenges, reduce the number of suicides and challenge the way we perceive people with ‘differently wired brains’.

Recent figures show approximately 120 suicides are recorded every week in the UK but this number doesn’t include suicides not recorded as such  for a variety of reasons and those committing ‘passive suicide’, the real figures are much higher.  So many of these deaths are avoidable if only the appropriate  help was available to more people when they need it, when is the lack of support going to become unacceptable?

We need more openness, more acceptance and more understanding alongside better services that are ‘fit for purpose’.  Join me on my journey this year and let’s see if, together, we can make a change?


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