News on a peaceful protest against terrorism..please act. Oh…and a bit about the weather!

The weather in this country affects our lives in a myriad of different ways.  The obvious one is how it restricts our activities in general unless you’re one of those all weather, whatever types ( I’m definitely not! ).  You’ll only find me outside from choice if it’s above 15 degrees and then it can be a bit iffy! 

What I don’t think we all realise is that it affects us in all kinds of other ways.  For example, it influences your reading material!  You’re reading this about the weather, you read about the weather every day somewhere or other and you probably end up spending a lot of your time talking about it!  Our obsession with the weather is totally understandable as it’s so unreliable in this country and, after all, what else would we talk about without it!  Think about it…..when you bump into a friend what’s the first thing you inevitably say?  It’s probably along the lines of “What a beautiful day!” or “I can’t believe how cold it is for May!”  or similar.

We plan our activities around it.  How often do you say to your kids “We’ll do that if the weather’s ok on Saturday”.  How often is the weather rubbish and therefore the plans are cancelled until further notice when it’s sunny?  We live our entire lives around the weather!

I want to change the liner in my pond.  We’ve done a lot of the work but there’s so much still to do and every time we’re there ready to get on with it it’s either blowing a gale, freezing or raining!  With half term week coming up we’re all praying for a couple of nice days so we can just get out and get the damn job finished!

On another subject.  I’m currently sitting in the Almanack and there are a couple of guys outside static cycling to raise money for Help for Heroes.  If you’re around please come down and give them your support.

Also, there is a campaign for a peaceful protest against terrorism and a way of showing Lee Rigby’s son how much everyone in the country cared about his Dad’s death when he’s older.  Please go and put a bunch of flowers on your local War Memorial wherever you live with a message of love and support for Lee and his comrades in the Armed Forces.

Please act, we can all do our bit to create a countrywide carpet of flowers in protest against the mindless acts of these so called religious fanatics who slaughter innocent people in the name of their faith.  No faith in the world supports these actions so let’s all let them know we won’t be cowed by their actions.

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