No ‘bah humbug’ here!

Girls night out!?

So last night was Kacie’s official 20th birthday celebration as her birthday fell on a Wednesday.  She wanted to do something more sophisticated than the usual ‘clubbing’ night out and had booked a table at a local Cocktail bar called The Kenilworth.  It’s a really lovely place selling exquisite cocktails and the atmosphere was fantastic!  I’d been dragged along a little against my will but was actually glad I went as it turned out to be good fun.

All four of the eldest girls were there dressed up to the nines along with a couple of the boyfriends and few other friends as we all sat feeling very grown up sipping our cocktails.  Kacie was revelling in the ‘adult’ feeling of being able to hold a conversation surrounded by her nearest and dearest and looked as happy as can be!

My beautiful babies with our fabulous ‘mixologist’ Chris!

Chris was our barman for the evening who was very disappointingly wearing a hat that said ‘Bah Humbug’.  We tried to persuade him that Christmas was the best time of year but his excuse was that he is from Edinburgh where Christmas is overdone so he’s now against it!  Not good enough I feel….   However, he did make the most amazing cocktails, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic ( I was driving :().

On the subject of ‘Bah Humbug’!


I’ve met a few of these over the years, mostly they seem to be the ones who don’t have children so have never experienced the wonder of Christmas through a child’s eyes.  Once you’ve seen the face of your own children on Christmas morning after Santa has been to visit the night before there is no turning back, the magic is there forever.  My children’s magic is my magic and every year whilst I stress to the max about it I love the whole experience.  I want every Christmas to be perfect for them and I my heart aches when I’m unable to create the magic I yearn to.  This year will be a very frugal Christmas but somehow I’ll find a way to make it as special as always. 
May Christmas in our house always be special family time and may the magic never be lost to adult cynicism.  

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