NOT all about the weather!

Contrary Weather!

No, this isn’t a rant about the weather and all things associated with it, it’s a rant about how things turn out when they are directly affected by the weather.  We have no control over it so there’s really no point in stressing about whatever it decides to do, we just have to adjust our behaviour and plans accordingly.

This week however, has been a real bummer, not just for me but for hapless parents everywhere.  Half term week and we all pray for good weather, or at least weather that can be ignored and therefore allow us to pursue some of the plans we had.  This week has been the complete antithesis of that, constant torrential rain and flipping’ freezing!

I did have plans, we don’t often get the chance to do anything as a family these days so I decided that on at least one day we would pack a picnic and go to the park.  Not to play really, just to spend some peaceful time together.  In a household that comprises 8 people plus all of the random additional people that turn up, it is, inevitably, incredibly busy and time to just settle and talk is rare.  Every day I woke up hoping for dry weather but it never materialised, so much for my great outdoor plans then.

A week of rain when the children are at home is not fun, they get bored and restless, I have to work anyway so can’t be constantly with them and the whole house becomes fractious.  When the weather is nice Pippa is happy to sit outside and read and Osborn is happy just pottering around the garden.  I have projects in the garden I want to get started and the children would have happily joined in making it more fun for everyone whilst whiling away some hours in a healthy manner.

I’ve also not been inundated with urgent work in the last week, the calm before the storm if you like.  Lynne and I are aiming to get the book finished by the end of next week so I’m going to be computer bound for at least the next 7 days and therefore predominantly inside. 

So, here I am, at the start of the onslaught and the bloody sun decides to come out!  Irritating or what?  And I guarantee that the next few days will continue to be the sort of weather I want to be outside in.

Does it really matter?  No, of course not, getting the book finished is my primary focus and by far the most important thing at the moment and maybe, when the sun shines in the right direction I’ll be able to sit outside and work a bit.  So, no, not a moan….more of an observation that very often in life ‘Sod’s Law’ plays a part.  Ho hum!

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